Who Will Have the Highest Passer Rating in 2017?

Who Will Have the Highest Passer Rating in 2017?

Last season, Matt Ryan put together the season of a lifetime (other than…you know, holding on to a 25 point Super Bowl lead) and won his first MVP award. A big reason for this was his league-best 117.1 passer rating, which was the 5th best season of all time.

Ladbrokes, an offshore book based in the United Kingdom, has posted odds on who will lead the league in passer rating this year. Plenty of options are available and some bettors may opt to go with a less popular name given the surprisingly unpredictable nature of the statistic. In the table below, you’ll see the top three finishers in passer rating over the past five seasons. Some names like Aaron Rodgers are expected, while others like Nick Foles are not.

Year1st 2nd3rd
2016Matt Ryan (117.1)Tom Brady (112.2)Dak Prescott (104.9)
2015Russell Wilson (110.1)Andy Dalton (106.3)Carson Palmer (104.6)
2014Tony Romo (113.2)Aaron Rodgers (112.2)Ben Roethlisberger (103.3)
2013Nick Foles (119.2)Peyton Manning (115.1)Josh McCown (109.0)
2012Aaron Rodgers (108.0)Peyton Manning (105.8)Robert Griffin III (102.4)

The odds for this year are pretty close at the top of the list, but drop off substantially after the 20/1 group.

Player7/30 (Ladbrokes)
Aaron Rodgers+275
Matt Ryan+333
Tom Brady+400
Drew Brees+800
Dak Prescott+1100
Russell Wilson+1200
Derek Carr+1400
Andrew Luck+2000
Ben Roethlisberger+2000
Carson Palmer+2000
Kirk Cousins+2000
Philip Rivers+2000
Andy Dalton+2500
Cam Newton+2500
Marcus Mariota+2500
Alex Smith+3300
DeShaun Watson+3300
Jameis Winston+4000
Sam Bradford+4000
Tyrod Taylor+4000
Eli Manning+5000
Mitch Trubisky+5000
Carson Wentz+6600
Josh McCown +6600
Matt Stafford+6600
Ryan Tannehill+6600
Blake Bortles+8000
Brian Hoyer+8000
Joe Flacco+8000
Cody Kessler+10000
Deshon Kizer+10000
Jared Goff+10000
Mike Glennon+10000
Paxton Lynch+10000
Trevor Siemian+10000

Rodgers, who some consider to be the best QB in the league, tops the list at +275. Rodgers holds the all-time single season record for passer rating at 122.5, which he posted in 2011. Although he and the Packers struggled for a stretch during last season, Rodgers still managed to put up a 104.2 rating, good for fourth in the league.

Ryan closely follows at +333. Prior to last year, his career best was 99.1 and also the only time he topped 95.0 in a season. The big question is whether last year was a fluke or if he can post similar numbers again in 2017.

Tom Brady, known as the GOAT to people without donkey brains, is the third and final “top tier” name on this list.

In the 2010 decade, Brady has posted four seasons with a rating above 100, including two seasons over 110. Though the league-best numbers have significantly varied from year to year, Brady provides bettors with some assurance as he is generally in the running for the top spot.

Are there any quarterbacks that you think could be the Nick Foles of 2017? Let us know in the comment section below.

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