A March Madness Pool sponsored by SportsInsights

A March Madness Pool sponsored by SportsInsights

SportsInsights is pleased to be working with a financial markets class at the University of Chicago on a March Madness pool that models the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament as a financial marketplace.  Note that the pool is being run “round-by-round.”

The pool is free and open to all — and there are prizes, including Membership to SportsInsights.  Note that entries are due a few days earlier than normal (first round selections are due Tuesday night, by midnight, eastern time) so that closing price information can be computed (which is used to award points for correct selections).

  • The official opening prices have been posted for the first round games.
  • Closing prices for each game will be a function of market participant entries.
  • Entries may NOW be submitted for the first round games (due by Tuesday night, midnight, ET).
  • Pricing can be used as a proxy for the probability of a team advancing to the next round.

For more information — and to get your first round entries in — please visit the March Madness link at CARATcapital.com.

Please also visit this summary of the March Madness Pool.

SportsInsights is a leader in the sports information industry and pioneers the drive to treat the sports marketplace as a financial marketplace.  SportsInsights’ research and academic approach to sports investing — and “seeking contrarian value” — has been picked up by the Wall Street Journal in articles on NCAA Basketball and Football.

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