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NFL Betting and Shopping for the Best Line

With the 2013-14 NFL and NCAA Football seasons right around the corner, it's important to revisit the concept of shopping for the best line as a way to maximize value and increase your bankroll. The table...

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NHL Line Value

In this evening's NHL action, there are several games that exhibit lopsided-betting action.  One game that is particularly interesting to SportsInsights' analysts is the Phoenix-Vancouver game.  Phoenix is a slight underdog, and is receiving a...

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College Basketball Saturday

Saturday usually means college sports action -- and NCAA Basketball action is heating up with March Madness getting closer every day.  Today, we focus on NCAA hoops action, and are especially looking at games with...

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NFL Opening Line Report Week 16

Teams are positioning for the NFL playoffs; the sports marketplace and Public often overvalue this factor.  The public is jumping on the hot teams to continue their good performance. The opening lines are out for this...

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Sunday Sports Marketplace

We hope you enjoy the Sports Marketplace blog posts as well as our Betting Trends reports.  Please feel free to email or post comments so we can improve our content and information. Yesterday's look at the...

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