NFL Opening Line Report Week 16

NFL Opening Line Report Week 16

Teams are positioning for the NFL playoffs; the sports marketplace and Public often overvalue this factor.  The public is jumping on the hot teams to continue their good performance.

The opening lines are out for this week’s upcoming NFL action, and what does the early betting action say?  Please visit our blog and read our series of Sports Marketwatch articles for updated information during the week.

Carolina Panthers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Thursday night’s game is already attracting a lot of betting activity — and the action is lopsided, with a large point spread growing because the Public loves the Steelers at home.  The line opened with the Steelers favored by -13 points, but the spread has expanded to Pittsburgh -14.5.  Pittsburgh is home, but the line value and betting percentages has SportsInsights’ analysts looking at Carolina as a potential contrarian value selection.

Team # Bets Spread % Open Current
Carolina Panthers 14160 24% +13 +14.5
San Diego Chargers 76% -13 -14.5

Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals

The NFL’s Christmas Day game features another lopsided-bet game, this time, with a home underdog.  The resurgent Cowboys are 7-point favorites visiting Arizona.  Arizona is receiving just 1 in 9 bets as home dogs.  They are just 4-10, but we like the late season home dog factor in this match-up, combined with lopsided betting action.  Again, the one-sided betting action is creating some line value.

Team # Bets Spread % Open Current
Dallas Cowboys 7895 89% -6 -7
Arizona Cardinals 11% +6 +7

Keep an eye on the latest line movements and betting percentages to help you increase the value of your sports handicapping methods. In particular, keep your browser pointed to for up-to-the-second betting lines, odds, and information on the sports marketplace and “contrarian value” in the sports investing world.

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