Sunday’s Sports Marketplace

As sports fans settle in for a day of NFL football, the team at SportsInsights is searching for contrarian value in all of today’s sports action.

  • In the NFL, we are happy to see the NFL Marketwatch selection gathering more line value, with the home dog now generally available at + 7 at most sportsbooks.  Earlier, some books were holding the game at +6.5, but the constant pounding of bets on GB has added contrarian value.
  • Another NFL game some of SportsInsights’ analysts circled is the Oakland-Jax game, with Oakland grabbing just one of three bets.
  • In the NBA, the Nets are currently collecting less than 10% of the bets at home against the visiting Lakers.
  • In College Hoops, not many games are seeing heavy betting action after a busy Saturday, but a NCAA BB Square Play selection has been posted for Members.

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