Betting Like the Smart Money

Betting Like the Smart Money

One of the features offered to Premium Pro members are the Smart Money plays derived from the unique betting system data offered by Sports Insights. Smart Money moves are triggered whenever the betting line moves in the opposite direction of the betting percentage data.

Read our smart money information article to understand what causes a line to move opposite of the betting percentage.

Having access to what the Sharp Bettors (or Smart Money) consider value gives members unique access to information no other site provides. Not only are our members provided with access to when Smart Money bets are made, but they are also showed where the bet was placed. By showing users which sportsbook  took the bet, and what their overall record is for the current season and individual sport, they are able to see which books are succeeding and which are struggling. Sports Insights provides its users with pertinent information to help them make an educated decision when placing bets …

It’s how our users can yield winning percentages of 55%-57% or better.

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