Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets That We Would Love To See

Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets That We Would Love To See

We have already discussed the litany of proposition bets that are available for Super Bowl 51, and it seems things are getting out of control. Some sportsbooks are offering hundreds of props and the most insane props have undoubtedly garnered the most attention.

People love to bet on how many times the announcers will say “deflategate,” or whether Lady Gaga will perform naked during the halftime show. That said, we felt like there were still a lot of great prop betting opportunities that weren’t being offered.

Since readers are likely getting tired of repetitive Super Bowl analysis, we wanted to have some fun and create our own set of ridiculous prop bets.

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  • How many times will the announcers use the phrase “passing the torch”? O/U 1.5
  • Will one of George Carlin’s “seven dirty words you can’t say on TV” be audible during the broadcast? Yes +500, No -1000
  • Will Joe Buck be voiceless during the Super Bowl broadcast due to another hair transplant surgery? Yes +750, No -1000
  • Will the announcers refer to our friends in the desert/Las Vegas? Yes +200, No -300
  • Will the announcers say the word “retire” in reference to Tom Brady? Yes -200, No +150
  • Will the broadcast point out the facial similarities between Jay-Z and Troy Aikman? Yes +1000, No -2000

  • Will any of the Patriots wide receivers be described as a “gym rat,” “gritty,” or “sneaky athletic”? Yes -200, No +150
  • How many beer commercials will be aired? O/U 29.5
  • Will any advertisement feature a joke about Donald Trump? Yes +300, No -400
  • Which fast food company will have the first advertisement?
  1. McDonalds -200
  2. KFC +200
  3. Burger King +225
  4. Taco Bell +250
  5. Chipotle +300
  6. Subway +350
  7. Wendy’s +400
  8. Sbarro +9000
  • Which unwatchable Fox TV show will feature the most advertisements?
  1. Lethal Weapon +200
  2.  24: Legacy +250
  3.  The Mick +300
  4.  Star +400
  5.  Pitch +1000
  6.  Son of Zorn +2000
  • Will they mention spygate during the broadcast? Yes -120, No -120
  • How many employees will call in sick/hungover from work on Monday? O/U 11.5 million

  • What will be the average wait time for pizza delivery? O/U 2.5 Hours
  • Number of Super Bowl ads featuring a dog: O/U 8.5
  • How many times will the camera pan to Bon Jovi in Robert Kraft’s suite? O/U 1.5
  • How many Tom Brady-Joe Montana comparisons will Joe Buck and Troy Aikman make? O/U 3.5
  • How many ex-Patriots and ex-Falcons will appear in the broadcast? O/U 7.5
  • Will any member from the Trump Family attend the Super Bowl? Yes -110 No +125
  • Will Donald Trump namedrop Bill Belichick or Tom Brady on Twitter from now through Monday, Feb 6 at 11:59 pm ET? Yes -99999999, No, Not Listed

  • Will the phrase “alternative fact” be uttered any time during the broadcast? Yes +120, No -140
  • Will a Patriots fan pull the fire alarm in the Falcons’ hotel the night before the Super Bowl? Yes: -200, No: +150
  • How many of the Patriots’ footballs will be illegally deflated by a team official to below the allowed minimum? Over 5.5 (-800), Under 5.5 (+600)
  • How many hours of illegally acquired video footage will the Patriots take of Falcons practices and walkthroughs? Over 25 hours (-500), Under 25 hours (+400)
  • How long will the crowd boo Roger Goodell when he presents the Super Bowl trophy? O/U 59.5 seconds
  • If Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl MVP, will he shake Roger Goodell’s hand? Yes +800, No -1600

Are there any other props you would like to see added? Is there something we missed? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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