Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets That We Would Love To See

Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets That We Would Love To See

We have already discussed the litany of proposition bets that are available for Super Bowl 50, and it seems things are getting out of control. Some sportsbooks are offering hundreds of props and the most ridiculous ones have undoubtedly gained the most traction.

People love to bet on whether Mike Carey will be wrong about a challenge, or how many times Cam Newton will dab, or whether Beyonce will have visible cleavage during her performance at halftime. That said, we felt like there were still a lot of great prop betting opportunities that weren’t being offered.

Since readers are likely getting tired of repetitive Super Bowl analysis, we wanted to have some fun and create our own set of ridiculous prop bets. We also added some of the top user submitted props.

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Broadcast Props:

  • How many times will the announcers use the phrase “passing the torch”? O/U 1.5
  • Will Jim Nantz randomly start talking about golf for no real reason? Yes -500, No +300
  • Will one of George Carlin’s “Seven dirty words you can’t say on TV” be audible during the broadcast? Yes +500, No -1000carlin
  • Will Mike Carey utter one coherent sentence? Yes +200, No -300
  • Will the announcers refer to our friends in the desert/Las Vegas? Yes +200, No -300
  • How many times will Phil Simms say “talked about”? O/U 14.5

Phil Simms

  • Will CBS show the Josh Norman/Odell Beckham fight? Yes -150, No +110
  • Will CBS show a clip from the Michael Oher inspired film “The Blind Side”? No -500, Yes +300
  • Will Steve Harvey be brought out to announce the Super Bowl MVP…and will he somehow hand it to Tom Brady? Yes +10,000, No -50,000

Steve Harvey

Halftime Props:

  • Will Beyonce have a nip slip? Yes +20,000, No -50,000
  • Will Chris Martin pull a Lenny Kravitz? God I hope not -99999999999999

Player Props:

  • Will Luke Kuechly be described as a “gym rat,” “gritty,” or “sneaky athletic”? Yes -200, No +150
  • What was higher? Cam Newton’s salary for Carolina -110, Cam Newton’s salary for Auburn -110
  • Will Cam Newton forget about the kids and choose to keep the Super Bowl ball for himself? Yes +200, No -300
  • Which will be greater? Cam Newton Super Bowl TD’s (+200), Johnny Manziel 2016 Arrests (-300)
  • Will Demaryius Thomas legally chance his last name to Targaryen? Yes +5,000, No -10,000

Demaryius Targarean

Commercial Props:

  • Will there be any DraftKings or FanDuel ads during the Super Bowl broadcast? Yes -120, No -120
  • How many beer commercials will be aired? O/U 49.5
  • How many times will you see ads for “Scorpion” before deciding to switch from beer to vodka? O/U 3.5

Budweiser Frogs

Commissioner Props:

  • How long will the crowd boo Roger Goodell when he presents the Super Bowl trophy? O/U 29.5 seconds
  • What will be higher? Goodell’s 2016 salary -120, Budweiser money spent on Super Bowl advertising +100


Floyd Mayweather Props:

  • Will Floyd Mayweather post a photo of a winning Super Bowl betting ticket on social media within 48 hours of the game’s completion? Yes -200, No +150
  • Will Floyd Mayweather bet both sides of the Super Bowl so he can produce a photo of a winning ticket no matter which team covers the spread? Yes -9999999999999


Peyton Manning Props:

  • Which term will be used to describe Peyton Manning’s regular season performance? Uneven +100, Up and down +200, Erratic +250, God Awful +350, Worse than Season 2 of True Detective +500
  • Will “HGH” be trending on Twitter in Boston at any time during the Super Bowl? Yes -500, No +400
  • Will the CBS broadcast mention the Al Jazeera report which indicated that Manning allegedly received HGH? No -250, Yes +150


Food & Drink Props:

  • How many pounds of popcorn will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday? O/U 8 million
  • How many pounds of potato chips will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday? O/U 27.5 million
  • How many pounds of avocados will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday? O/U 53.5 million
  • How many chicken wings will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday? O/U 1 billion
  • How many gallons of beer will be drunk by Americans on Sunday Bowl Sunday? O/U 325.5 million
  • How much of that consumption will be done by our Bet Labs manager, Travis Reed? O/U 1.5 gallons


  • How many employees will call in sick/hungover from work on Monday? O/U 7 million
  • What will be the average wait time for pizza delivery? O/U 2.5 Hours
  • Increase in antacids sales on Monday: O/U 25%
  • Will one of your friends annoy everybody by inexplicably showing up to your Super Bowl party with a veggie platter? Yes -300, No +200
  • Best Dip: Buffalo Chicken -200, Queso +250, Guacamole +300, French Onion +400, Spinach and Artichoke +500, Salsa, +600, Hummus +1500


Miscellaneous Props:

  • Will there be more money placed on prop bets or the game itself? Prop Bets -200, Super Bowl 50 +150
  • Will the Super Bowl MVP come from the losing team? Yes +3000, No -6000

Twitter Submitted Props:

Are there any other props you would like to see added? Is there something we missed? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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