SportsInsights’ Contrarian Sports Investing Methods Stay Hot; plus look at NFL

SportsInsights’ Contrarian Sports Investing Methods Stay Hot; plus look at NFL’s contrarian methods of seeking value in the sports marketplace continue to capture profits for its Members.  For many bettors, winning an extra unit or two a month easily pays for Membership.  In this blog post, we look at some recent SportsInsights highlights and then take a quick peek at today’s NFL Marketplace:

  • This season’s College Football results continue to run up good results, with NCAA Football Square Plays going 3-1 yesterday — maintaining its 70% winning percentage and increasing units won to +19 units for the season.
  • The NBA has quietly gotten off to a nice start, with NBA Best Bets and NBA Square Plays combining for +7.5 units and close to a 65% winning percentage.
  • Contrarian methods have also been profitable in the NHL, with Members following SportsInsights’ selections earning +7 units.

The College Basketball season is just starting — so if you haven’t already done so, please check out SportsInsights’ report on “betting against the Public” in NCAA Basketball.  Remember to visit to maximize your “units won” and capture sports investing value across all sports.

Today’s NFL Marketplace

Please remember to check out the NFL Marketwatch for a report on the NFL sports marketplace by Dan Fabrizio, SportsInsights’ president.  He uses SportsInsights sports investing tools and huddles with sports betting industry contacts — to find the best values of the week.

  • The Public continues to pound bets on Tampa Bay, so the odds associated with Carolina +7 have improved.  We like this additional value on the NFL Marketwatch’s selection.
  • Another game that captured the attention of SportInsights’ analysts was Cleveland at home against the NY Jets.  This is the third-heaviest bet game of the week — and Cleveland appears to be a live home dog against the media-favorite Jets.

For additional information about some of the angles, trends, and data that SportsInsights focuses on (that has led to  profitable starts to the NBA and NHL seasons — and a 70% college football and 60% NFL 2010 season to date), please check out our article on “betting against the Public” in the NCAA Football sports marketplace as well as our books on Sports Investing available at Amazon or in electronic Ebook format.  Our Members gain full access to our suite of betting systems and methods.

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