NBA on Christmas

NBA on Christmas

Opening presents, drinking egg nog, trying to remember relatives’ names, and the NBA on Christmas day.  All great traditions, but we only track the data for one of them.  Here are the results for every Christmas game going back to 2008:

2013BullsNets (-4)95-78Under 189.5
2013Thunder* (-10.5)Knicks123-94Over 201
2013Heat* (-9.5)Lakers101-95Under 206.5
2013RocketsSpurs (-8)111-98Under 212.5
2013ClippersWarriors (-3)103-105Over 207
2012CelticsNets (-2.5)93-76Under 184
2012KnicksLakers (-4)94-100Under 211
2012ThunderHeat (-2.5)97-103Under 204
2012RocketsBulls (-4.5)120-97Over 197
2012NuggetsClippers (-6.5)100-112Over 204.5
2011CelticsKnicks (-4.5)104-106Over 189.5
2011Heat (-4.5) Mavericks105-94Over 190.5
2011Bulls (-4.5)Lakers88-87Under 182.5
2011MagicThunder (-7.5)89-97Under 193.5
2011Clippers* (-4.5)Warriors105-86Under 208.5
2010BullsKnicks (-2)95-103Under 206
2010CelticsMagic (-2.5)78-86Under 191
2010HeatLakers (-3.5)96-80Under 193.5
2010NuggetsThunder (-6.5)106-114Over 213.5
2010BlazersWarriors (-3)102-109Over 202.5
2009Heat (-2.5)Knicks93-87Under 198
2009CelticsMagic (-5.5)86-77Under 191
2009CavaliersLakers (-6)102-87Under 194
2009ClippersSuns (-10)93-124Over 214.5
2009Nuggets* (-2.5)Blazers96-107Over 197.5
2008HornetsMagic (-5)68-88Under 190
2008SpursSuns (-2.5)91-90Under 200
2008CelticsLakers (-2)83-92Under 200.5
2008WizardsCavaliers* (-15.5)89-93Under 194
2008MavericksBlazers (-4.5)102-94Over 192

*Team received 70% of bets or more
**All line data is Pinnacle’s closing line

Of the 30 games listed, the favorites and dogs have both covered 15 games against the spread.  Of the 15 games that dogs covered, they went on to win the game straight up in 10 of them.

Christmas games have gone Under in 19 of the 30 games tracked, including 5 of the 6 early games (Noon ET) finishing under the closing total.


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