NBA Playoff Seeding Scenarios

With only one night of NBA action remaining, there is still much to be decided before the playoffs get started.  There are four teams vying for two playoff spots and the Spurs could land as high as the 2-seed and as low as the 6-seed in the crowded Western Conference.  Using tonight’s moneylines as a guide, below are the percentages for all playoff scenarios that have yet to be decided.

East 3-Seed

Team Scenario Chance
Bulls CHI win or TOR loss 74.9%
Raptors TOR win & CHI loss 25.1%

East 8-Seed

Team Scenario Chance
Pacers IND win or BKN loss 60.3%
Nets BKN win & IND loss 39.7%

West 2-Seed

Team Scenario Chance
Spurs SAS win 67.5%
Rockets HOU win & SAS loss 28.5%
Clippers SAS loss & HOU loss 4.0%

West 3-Seed

Team Scenario Chance
Clippers SAS win or HOU win 96.0%
Spurs SAS loss & HOU loss 4.0%

West 5-Seed

Team Scenario Chance
Rockets HOU win & SAS win or HOU loss & MEM loss 65.1%
Grizzlies MEM win & SAS loss or MEM win & HOU loss 21.1%
Spurs SAS loss & HOU win & MEM loss 13.8%

West 6-Seed

Team Scenario Chance
Grizzlies MEM loss or SAS win & HOU win 78.9%
Spurs SAS loss & HOU win & MEM win 14.8%
Rockets HOU loss & MEM win 6.3%

West 8-Seed

Team Scenario Chance
Thunder OKC win & NO loss 62.7%
Pelicans NO win or OKC loss 37.3%

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