NFL Week 11 Opening Line Report: Wiseguys Can’t Quit the Giants

NFL Week 11 Opening Line Report: Wiseguys Can’t Quit the Giants

Well, this past weekend ended up being rather uneventful. Let’s hope week 11 is a bit more exciting! One thing that week 11 will certainly feature that week 10 did not is the return of our favorite sideline reporter. I’ll give you a hint: he’ll be having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE.

MatchupBookmaker CurrentBookmaker OpenWestgate (11/7)
KC @ NYG KC -10KC -12.5KC -9.5
BAL @ GBBAL -2BAL -2.5BAL -3
WAS @ NONO -9NO -8NO -7
CIN @ DENDEN -2.5DEN-2.5DEN -2.5
NE vs. OAKNE -6.5NE -5NE -6
  • Bye week: Panthers, Colts, Jets, 49ers
  • Coming off a bye: Ravens, Chiefs, Raiders, Eagles

Let’s start out by looking at the Chiefs vs. the Giants, perhaps the biggest disappointment in sports since the Red Sox signing of Pablo Sandoval.

KC (6-3 ATS) vs. NYG (3-6 ATS)

I’ll be honest, I’ve bet on the Giants for a couple weeks in a row now. Not exactly helping my bankroll…

However, I may stay on the wagon this week, as they’re a double-digit home dog, which they’ve only been twice since 2003. The last time it happened was in 2007 against the then-undefeated Patriots, where they lost by three points as a 13 point pooch.

Can you blame the books, though? The G-Men just lost to the freaking 49ers! And not even the Jimmy G 49ers, the C.J. Beathard 49ers. Nobody other than Mom and Pop Beathard even knew who this guy was before the season began.

With that being said, we’ve seen a few different bet signals triggered on the Giants. At Bookmaker, they quickly moved from +12.5 to +11 after opening and have since moved to +10, despite receiving just 20% of bets.

NE (5-4 ATS) vs. OAK (3-5-1 ATS)

The Pats and Raiders will head down to Mexico City to play in the clouds at 7,280 feet above sea level. At 86% of bets, the Patriots are getting the most lopsided support of any team this week and some books have already moved the line to -7.

With the other two 4 p.m. games being Bengals-Broncos and Bills-Chargers, this tilt should attract a high number of casual bettors, potentially creating some contrarian value. I doubt they’ll be tuning in to watch the game, though, with the illustrious return of Sergio Dipp taking centerstage.

I need some Sergio Dipp props and I needed them yesterday.

PHI (7-2 ATS) vs. DAL (5-4 ATS)

This Sunday night game is very interesting from a betting perspective. The Cowboys are a home ‘dog to their divisional-rival Eagles and are seeing just 19% of the early bets! Who would have guessed that?

Last week, without Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys sucked. Plain and simple. Meanwhile, the Eagles are coming off a bye and several shellackings in the weeks prior.

Even though the public doesn’t like the Cowboys’ chances, sharp bettors jumped on the opportunity to get Dallas +3.5, as we’ve tracked three bet signals on them and none on Philly.

Philly now sits at a juiced up -3 and could be there for a while. Given the Cowboys’ popularity, situations such as this one don’t happen very often. They haven’t received fewer than 30% of bets at home since 2015, the season they finished 4-12.

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