NFL Pro Bowl Over for Bettors

NFL Pro Bowl Over for Bettors

According to a report by Yahoo Sports, the NFL is considering suspending the Pro Bowl, which is sad news for savvy sports bettors.

While mainstream football fans have all but given up on the All-Star exhibition, sports bettors have been taking advantage of the lack of defense the game provides over the past nine seasons.

The table below shows the O/U line, Total Score and Over/Under result for the past nine NFL Pro Bowls.

Year O/U Line
Total Score Result
2004 51.5 107 Over
2005 44 65 Over
2006 67 40 Under
2007 64 59 Under
2008 62 72 Over
2009 65.5 51 Under
2010 57 75 Over
2011 66.5 96 Over
2012 75 100 Over

*Pinnacle’s closing lines represent O/U line.

As you can see, since 2004, six of nine Pro Bowls have gone over the total, including four of the last five.

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