NFL Betting Trends (Week 2) – 9/18/2010

NFL Betting Trends (Week 2) – 9/18/2010

The NFL’s week 2 is set to be another great weekend of football, and as your friendly neighborhood sports information service we want to make sure you are well prepared for it by providing you with this week’s most lopsided games.

Top lopsided games:

1. Buffalo Bills vs. Green Bay Packers

The public was clearly not impressed with the Bills’ performance in week 1 against the Dolphins. Currently, 79% of the public is taking the Packers in spread bets. The line dropped from -13.5 to -13 with 90% on the Packers Tuesday, and has held at -13 since.  Our betting systems have been light on this game, but there is some support for the reverse line movement seen here.

Team # Bets Spread %
Buffalo Bills 29234 21% 13.5 13
Green Bay Packers 79% -13.5 -13

2. Philadelphia Eagles vs. Detroit Lions

The Eagles may have lost a starter with the fall of Kevin Kolb, but confidence seems to be high for Michael Vick after leading the Eagles in a late game comeback last Sunday. 82% of the public betting on the spread decided that they like Vick and the Eagles, which has pushed the Eagles to a 6.5-point favorite from a 3-point favorite when the line opened Monday morning according to our betting trends data.

Team # Bets Spread Open
Philadelphia Eagles 17991 82% -3 -6.5
Detroit Lions 18% 3 6.5

3. New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

The Jets were not able to live up to their self-produced off-season hype, and the Patriots were up to their usual act putting up a solid performance against the Bengals last Sunday. With this in mind, 84% of of spread bets were placed are on the Patriots. This support pushed the line from -1 to -2.5. The line made its move all at once on Wednesday, and has held steady since.

Team # Bets Spread Open Current
NE Patriots 31213 84% -1 -2.5
New York Jets 16% 1 2.5
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