NFL Betting Trends – 9/11/2010

Despite a number of good match-ups in the first week of the NFL season, the public has found teams that it likes, a lot. Our Betting Trends data shows the Dolphins, Packers and 49ers are getting over 80% of public support in spread bets, while the Colts and Titans are getting over 70%. There has been plenty of line movement in these games as well.

We are seeing some good evidence of  sharp money on the Texans with Pinnacle’s line on the Colts dropping from -3 to -1 and a strong public backing at 74%.  There has also been some slight sharp money indicators on the Raiders with the Titans line dropping from -7 to -6. Our Smart Money betting system has also triggered a hand full of plays on these games, confirming the reverse line movement trends.

On the other side of things, we are seeing the public push both the Packers and 49ers lines moving from even to -3 and -1.5 -3 respectively.

The table bellow shows a breakdown of this week’s most lopsided games:

Dolphins 24894 81% -3 -3
Bills 19% 37.5 -105
38.5 -110
Colts 30686 74% -3 -1
Texans 26% 47 -105
47.5 -108
Raiders 22193 28 41 -105
40.5 -109
Titans 72 -7 -6
Packers 40239 84 45.5 -105 -3
Eagles 16 Even 47.5 113
49ers 32410 86 -1.5 -3
Seahawks 14 38 -105
36.5 -113
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