New Year’s Day Sports Marketplace

New Year’s Day Sports Marketplace

Happy New Year!

Here’s a quick look at today’s sports marketplace.

  • In NCAA Football, TCU looks to complete an undefeated season and a “moral victory” in its claims to a national title.  Bettors don’t believe they are as strong as their undefeated record — or their # 3 ranking.  Almost 3 out of 4 bettors are taking the underdog, Wisconsin Badgers (#4 in most polls), who are slight (3 point) underdogs.  It’s rare to have a favorite receive such a low percentage of bets.  This game is also the heaviest-bet game in college football action today.
  • In NBA action, the Miami-Golden State game is currently the heaviest-bet game of the day.  Early in the season, Miami was overvalued.  After they stumbled “out of the gate” — Miami became undervalued.  Has the sports marketplace caught up with Miami?  Almost 80% of the bets are on Miami in this game.

Please also check out SportsInsights’ 2010 Sports Year in Review. SportsInsights takes a unique look at the past year in sports.  We review the champions of 2010 and look at value within the sports marketplace.

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