NCAA Football Opening Line Report Week 14

NCAA Football Opening Line Report Week 14

The College Football season is winding down, with National Title and Bowl Game hopes on the line for several teams. In early action, these types of games are attracting the heaviest betting activity.

The opening lines are out for this coming week’s college football games, and depending on what sportsbook you use, you may want to check out the current line movement and the latest lines – based on our Opening Line Report below.  Please visit our blog and read our series of Sports Marketwatch articles for updated information during the week.

Oregon vs. Oregon State

Can #1 Oregon (#2 in the revised BCS rankings) protect its position in the BCS scheme of things and play for the national title?  Rival Oregon State stands in its way — but bettors think that Oregon will “smell blood” in its quest for the national title, with a huge 84% of the bets taking the favorite.  This game is currently the heaviest-bet game on the NCAA Football board.

Team # Bets Spread % Open Current
#1 Oregon 1398 84% -16 -16
Oregon State 16% +16 +16

Auburn vs. South Carolina

Number two Auburn (#1 in the BCS), faces a tougher game, visiting South Carolina, but is still favored.  Betting activity is high in this game as well, although the betting percentages are not as lopsided as in the Oregon game.  There has been some reverse line movement at Pinnacle, where the line opened at Auburn -5.5 and ticking down to Auburn -5 (even with the majority of bets taking Auburn).

Team # Bets Spread % Open Current
#2 Auburn 1155 61% -5.5 -5
South Carolina 39% +5.5 +5
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