NCAA Football Opening Line Report – 9/13/2010

NCAA Football Opening Line Report – 9/13/2010

The lines for this week’s games started coming in around 7 p.m. Sunday, and since then there has been some interesting line movement. We have gone through the opening lines, and highlighted the ones that we think should go on your watch list.

Early Line Moves of Interest:

1. East Carolina Pirates vs.Virginia Tech Hokies

The Virginia Tech Hokies are having a troublesome start to the season. With a tough loss to national title contender, Boise State (3), and a huge upset to the Football Championship Sub-division’s, James Madison, the Hokies are finding their stock in public support plummeting. Only getting 18% of the already 999 spread bets placed, the Hokies have remained a 17.5 point favorite over the East Carolina Pirates. With the Hokies stock so low, this is a line to keep an eye on.

Team # Bets Spread Current Open
East Carolina 999 82% 17.5 17.5
Virginia Tech 18% -17.5 -17.5

2. Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Duke Blue Devils

The defending National Champion, Alabama Crimson Tide (1), are heading to Durham to take on the Duke Blue Devils after a trouncing of Penn State (22). The opening line for this game has been pushed by 67% of the 1028 public spread bets to -23.5 from -22.

Team # Bets Spread Current
Alabama 1028 67% -23.5 -22
Duke 33% 23.5 22

3. Florida Gators vs. Tennessee Volunteers

The Tennessee Volunteers are getting 70% of public spread bets according to our Betting Trends data in their game against the visiting Florida Gators (10). The Gators line has increased form -15 to -16.5 in spite of the heavy public support for the Volunteers, indicating the presence of sharp money on the Gators.

Team # Bets Spread Current Open
Florida 462 30% -16.5 -15
Tennessee 70% 16.5 15

4. Boise State Broncos vs. Wyoming Cowboys

We are also seeing reverse line movement in the Boise State Broncos’ (3) visit to Wyoming. The Bronco’s line has dropped from -24 to -23.5 while having 77% of spread bets. The devalue of the Bronco’s defeat of the Virginia Tech Hokies could have some effect on this game’s line, and is worth keeping track of.

Team # Bets Spread Current Open
Boise State 456 78% -23.5 -24
Wyoming 22% 23.5 24

5. Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs. Stanford Cardinal

Stanford (19) is hosting Wake Forest in our final game. Stanford is getting 59% of spread bets with an opening line of -17.5. The line has since dropped to -16 giving us some indicators of sharp money.

Team # Bets Spread Current Open
Wake Forest 427 41% 16 17.5
Stanford 59% -16 -17.5
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