NCAA Football Square Plays (Oct=16 Wins, 7 Losses; plus Texas A&M, NBA, NHL)

SportsInsights College Football Square Plays ended the month of October with 16 wins and 7 losses, which duplicated Septembers 16-7 record.

The heaviest betting activity in today’s NCAA Football marketplace is currently on this evening’s Texas A&M – Oklahoma match-up, with Texas A&M collecting just 16% of the spread bets.  Sportsinsights’ analysts are following this game closely for contrarian value and line movement / line value.

SportsInsights’ contrarian sports betting methods have been hot, with the NFL also performing well (60% combined Square Plays and Best Bets).

We also encourage sports investors to visit keep their eyes on the NBA and NHL for additional profit opportunities.  In total, these sports are already up +11 units for the season using SportsInsights contrarian sports investing methods.

Finally, check out our series of Sports Investing books that are now available via EBOOK.  They go into some of the angles, trends, and data that SportsInsights’ team of analysts have used to produce better than 60% in the football season this year (and historically, about 55% across all major sports).

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