NCAA Football – Bowl Update

NCAA Football – Bowl Update

The College Football Bowl season is nearing an end, with the big BCS championship game coming up on Monday, January 10, 2011. Let’s take a look at the NCAA Football sports marketplace — and also look at the Championship from a different angle: sports psychology.

First, let’s look at an earlier game:

  • Friday’s Texas A&M – LSU game opened at about even — but steady betting on LSU has moved the line to LSU -2.  SIA has the game listed as LSU -2.5.  With steady bets of about 3 out of 4 landing on LSU, there’s a chance that a public book might tick up to the key number of LSU -3.  That would be good line value on Texas A&M.  Keep your browser pointed to’s betting odds and betting percentages!
  • In the big BCS Championship game, Auburn opened at -3 — and even with bets about 60%/40% on the slight favorites — the line has ticked down to Auburn -2.5.  This reverse line movement means that “big, smart money” is on Oregon.

Separately, check this analysis out — on the NCAA Football Championship Game.  We have featured analysis from this book, “Who Will Win the Big Game?” previously.  Note that published “quant facts” on the book’s blog have gone 17-9.

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