NCAA Football Betting Trends – 9/17/2010

NCAA Football Betting Trends – 9/17/2010

The public is yet again playing favorites in the biggest games of this week’s NCAA games, making for some fairly lopsided spread percentages. We’ve gone through the board and picked out some of the most lopsided games according to our betting trends data, and have broken them down for you.

Top lopsided games:

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (1) vs. Duke Blue Devils

The public has been backing Alabama since the line opened on Sunday, and currently 89% of the public is taking them in spread bets, from 72% at open. Concurrently, the line has trended up reaching as high as -25 and is currently sitting at -23.5. It is fair to say that confidence in the Crimson Tide is high.

Team # Bets Spread %
Alabama 12912 89% -22 -23.5
Duke 11% 22 23.5

2. Nebraska Cornhuskers (8) vs. Washington Huskies

Initially pushed up to -4.5 by public support, there has since been strong reverse line movement dropping the line to -3 despite Nebraska receiving 82% of spread bets. Our betting systems have confirmed these reverse line movement trends, by triggering a number of Smart Money plays.

Team # Bets Spread Open
Nebraska 9688 82% -4 -3
Washington 18% 4 3

3. Air Force Falcons vs Oklahoma Sooners (7)

Our betting systems have been lighting up this game, and it is easy to see why when you take a look at the line movement. With Oklahoma Getting 74% of spread bets the line has dropped from a -18 opener to -16.5. With the high number of bets on this game, we are extremely comfortable with this data.

Team # Bets Spread Open Current
Air Force 10801 26% 18 16.5
Oklahoma 74% -18 -16.5

4. Texas Longhorns (6) vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

The Red Raiders’ fans are going to attempt to give the Longhorns the silent treatment Saturday to try and help their team to victory, but there is overwhelming support for the Longhorns from the public. We are seeing some reverse line movement in this game, with Texas getting 79% of spread bets and their line dropping to -3 from -4, but there has only been a minimal number of plays triggered on this game from our betting systems.

Team # Bets Spread Open Current
Texas 10843 79% -4 -3
Texas Tech 21% 4 3

5. Iowa Hawkeyes (9) vs. Arizona Wildcats (24)

Arizona is now the favorite in this match-up against Iowa after opening as a 1-point underdog. The reverse line movement on this one is strong, and we have seen supporting evidence from our system plays to back these trends up.

Team # Bets Spread Open Current
Iowa 9192 75% -1 1
Arizona 25% 1 -1
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