MLB Steam Moves and Smart Money

Steam Moves and Smart Money alerts are two of the features available to Premium Pro members.  These alerts are triggered throughout the day due to real money causing line movement in the sports betting marketplace.  The alerts will list the side the money was placed on, the original sportsbook that made the move, the win-loss record of that sportsbook this season, and the number of units won.  All of this information is vital as you want to make sure you are following the best moves.

Here is a look at the best performing Steam Moves and Smart Money alerts in the MLB this season:

Steam Moves

Pinnacle     (220-196, +22.47 units won)

Bet365        (22-14, +8.69 units won)

WSEX           (20-14, +4.91 units won)

Smart Money

Carib             (60-58, +10.40 units won)

Grande         (16-14, +4.89 units won)

SIA                (10-6, +4.72 units won)

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