LeBron Continues to Dominate Kobe as the Better NBA Playoff Bet

Four weeks ago, we analyzed whether Kobe Bryant or LeBron James was a smarter bet in the NBA Playoffs. Despite the perception that Kobe closes and LeBron struggles in the postseason, the data indicated the exact opposite was true for sports bettors.

According to our Bet Labs software, from 2006-11, Kobe was 44-44 (50%) ATS (Against the Spread), while LeBron was 55-35 (61.1%) ATS in the playoffs.

This postseason, LeBron has put even more distance between himself and Kobe as the better playoff bet.

The table below compares playoff ATS records for both Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Player 2006-11 Playoffs
2012 Playoffs
Kobe Bryant 44-44 (50.0%) 4-7 (36.4%)
LeBron James 55-35 (61.1%) 7-3 (70.0%)

* Pinnacle’s closing lines were used to determine ATS records.



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