Historical Betting Database

If you are looking to do some of your own data analysis, Sports Insights’ historical databases are a great place to start.  We offer downloadable databases for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, WNBA, college football, and college basketball.

Our archived data goes back to 2003, and once downloaded, you can manipulate the data however you see fit.  The database includes the opening and closing lines for both the spread (or moneyline for MLB and NHL) and the over/under.  It also includes the date, NSS number, final scores, as well as Sports Insights’ proprietary betting percentages.

To see a sample of the format, or to download the database, please go to this link.

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2 comments on “Historical Betting Database
  1. Hi,
    I am interested in a little different historical data. Specifically, i would like to analyze large historical data of betting, not lines. For example, teh bets placed by 10,000 users ion NBA games in the last 5 years. Dont have to be named usersof course, but just nick-named with no identity. I just want to run some data mining tools and analyze correlations between betting users. Anbody heard of something like that?
    Thank you,

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