Sports Betting Trends

Betting trends represent the volume of wagers placed at a sportsbook, on one team versus another. Public betting trends are often referred to as betting percentages. Think of it as a direct link to what’s happening on the sportsbook side. To view wagering activity on every game, simply visit our betting trends page.

Our members have access to the number of bets placed and the percentage of bets placed on the Spread, Moneyline, Parlay, and Over/Under for every game. You’ll see first hand which teams the public is heavily betting and which games the sportsbooks need. The public betting trends data comes directly from the databases of the following 7 online sportsbooks: Sportsbook.ag, BetDSI, BetUs, 5Dimes, GTBets, SIA, and Carib. Read more about our contributing sportsbooks.

We poll each participating sportsbook’s database every 1-5 seconds. It is important to note that the betting trends data found on SportsInsights.com represents real bets placed by real people with real money. Our betting data isn’t “Consensus Data” taken from contest sites and handicapper forums. Learn more about consensus betting data, versus the betting trends data found on Sportsinsights.com.

What Makes Our Betting Trends Data Different?


Betting Trends Example (typical NFL game)

Below is the market average view between all contributing sportsbooks.

Team # Bets Sprd % ML % O/U % Parlay % Open Current
Buffalo Bills 19141 17% 30% 65% 10% 13.5 14.5
New England Patriots 83% 70% 35% 90% -13.5 -14.5

Sportsbook Insider Premium and Pro members can also view betting trends data at each individual sportsbook.

Team # Bets Sportsbk Betus SIA 5Dimes Carib GTBets
Buffalo Bills 19141 16% 21% 10% 26% 15% 15%
New England Patriots 84% 79% 90% 74% 85% 85%

Benefits of Tracking Betting Trends Data (Betting Percentages)

Monitoring public betting trends data is one of the most vital betting tools used by professional handicappers to find value within the sports betting marketplace. It allows you to go behind the lines and see what’s really causing the line to move. Instead of just knowing the line opened at Texas -7 and moved to Texas -8, you’ll know that 88% of the Public is betting on Texas -7 which caused the sportsbook to move the line to -8. You’ll have a clear understanding of what’s causing a line to move and which team has more value.

Betting trends can also be used to pinpoint large money drops. Simply look for line movement that contradicts the betting trends, this is known as reverse line movement. We offer innovative sports betting systems that utilize our real time odds and betting trends to alert you to profitable plays. You’ll receive an email or text message alert whenever a line moves against the public betting trends.

For example if 90% of the public is betting on Miami -3 to win, but the line moves to Miami -2, you’ll know Sharp Money came in on the other side. You would immediately look to bet Miami +3 at a slow moving sportsbook.