Donald Trump Props and Futures

Donald Trump Props and Futures

Last night, CNN and Buzzfeed reported some…interesting…news about our President elect Donald Trump. You’ve probably heard what it is by now and the books are already trying to turn a profit on it…

(For those unaware, RedTube is a porn site and a Golden Shower is…well you can Google that)

Ever since Trump was elected, Paddy Power has been offering a handful of interesting Trump props and futures. A few of the current ones include whether or not he’ll be impeached and even whether or not he’ll be inaugurated next week.


Speaking of his inauguration, they also have a long list of of phrases that he could say, ranging from “Make America Great Again” at +150 all the way to “Golden Shower” at 250/1.


Paddy Power is known for posting some crazy props, so these shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Another thing to note is that there isn’t a “no” option for any of these props, so you can’t bet on these events not happening.

While most of these are a bit silly, one prop that actually matters a lot is whether he will be impeached or not. We’ve tracked this since it was originally posted after he won the election. After opening at +1000 to be impeached during his entire four-year term, he is down to +400 to be impeached during the first six months. That’s pretty substantial line movement.


 Paddy Power (1/11)Paddy Power (11/12)Paddy Power (11/10Paddy Power (11/9)
To be Impeached+400*+600+800+1000

* To be impeached in first 6 months

We will continue to monitor these props and any others that are posted over the upcoming months.

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