Donald Trump Inauguration Props

Donald Trump Inauguration Props

With Donald Trump set to be sworn into office on Friday afternoon, Paddy Power has come out with several interesting prop bets regarding his inauguration. While these are more fun than anything, let’s review this smorgasbord of debauchery.

First on the list is the color of his tie. While he wore red ties on the night of the election and for the final two presidential debates, he did wear a blue tie for the first debate. President Obama wore a red tie for his first inauguration and a blue tie for his second, while George W. Bush wore blue ties for both of his inaugurations. So while people may assume that Republicans will wear red and Democrats will wear blue, it’s not always the case.

Trump’s motto “Make America Great Again” has its own hat and now it has its own prop. Further down, you’ll see that the phrase is listed at 2/1 to be said first on the list of potential phrases. I’m guessing he could say this towards the end as a type of clincher, so depending on how long you think the speech will be, 10-15 or 15+ are likely the best options.

Most of the nation will be at work during the inauguration, but there is still expected to be a gaudy number of viewers. President Obama commanded an audience of 37.9 million viewers for his first inauguration, but that fell to 20.2 million the second time around. They also have a separate prop listed for whether or not he will break Obama’s number of 37.93. Yes is actually listed at -200, with no at +150. I don’t expect Trump to beat 37.9, but he should definitely get more than 20.2. This is entertaining TV — come on people.

This prop is probably the biggest crapshoot of the bunch. To win this, you have to choose the phrase on the list that he will say first, so only one of these will pay out. Obviously the ones towards the bottom are there for shits and giggles, so you can pretty much eliminate those from contention. Honestly, you shouldn’t bet on this unless you have a copy of the speech in hand. If you want to get risky, “fake news” at 10/1 doesn’t seem half bad.

What A-listers have tickets to the show? I don’t know and you probably don’t either. When Obama was first sworn in, there were several celebrity guests: Samuel L. Jackson, Tiger Woods, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Hanks, Oprah, Beyoncé, and Steven Spielberg. Personally, I think the “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger seems like a decent option at 16/1.

George W. Bush’s first speech lasted 14 minutes, while his second lasted 21. Obama’s first lasted about 21 minutes, while his second lasted 15. Trump has reportedly written his speech on his own and I have a feeling that it will be towards the longer end. Either option above 20 minutes provides a solid payout.

If you’re on Twitter, you know that Donald Trump never shies away from a tweet. It’s not uncommon for any given tweet of his to surpass 100k likes, while his tweet on the morning of Election Day has surpassed 600,000 likes. This bet is graded based on the number of likes 48 hours after the inauguration, which is important to note. I think that Paddy Power was spot on with putting 500k-750k the favorite at +210.

Next on the list is the attendance of the event, which will be based on the Washington Post’s estimate. Obama’s first inauguration drew approximately 1.8 million people, while his second was around one million. Bush drew 300k for his first and 400k for his second. It is probably best just to lay off this one given the random trends of the past four inaugurations.

Ah, the First Lady. I was wondering when we’d get to her. Laura Bush wore a blue dress for George’s first inauguration and a white one for his second. Michelle Obama wore yellow for her first rodeo and a navy-blueish dress her second time around. White is the favorite for Melania Trump. She sported a trendy white dress on Election Day and was seen wearing black dresses for two debates and pink for the third. She is reported to be looking at Ralph Lauren for her choices, so keep an eye out for her shopping at your local malls. Ha ha, just kidding…she won’t be there.

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