Dancing With the Stars Odds

Dancing With the Stars Odds

There’s no way I am breaking down these odds…sorry, just can’t bring myself to do it. Couple of thoughts, though.

A. This is season 25…are you kidding me?

2. Tough look for Barb Corcoran. It seems to be a relatively even playing field, but she can’t manage shorter than 25/1 odds? Be better.

D. If I was held at gunpoint and forced to bet on this, my money would be on Frankie Muniz. Kid defied the odds in Miracle In Lane 2. He’s no stranger to hoisting trophies.

Star9/12 Odds (Bovada)
Nick Lachey4/1
Lindsey Stirling8/1
Debbie Gibson8/1
Sasha Pieterse8/1
Frankie Muniz9/1
Jordan Fisher9/1
Vanessa Lachey9/1
Derek Fisher10/1
Terrell Owens10/1
Victoria Arlen10/1
Drew Scott12/1
Nikki Bella12/1
Barbara Corcoran25/1

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