The Daily Steam: Ramming the Rams Down Your Throat, Resting Players, NHL Faves, and More

The Daily Steam: Ramming the Rams Down Your Throat, Resting Players, NHL Faves, and More

It’s me again! Your favorite substitute Daily Steamer. Per Johan Walsh is in the woods of the deep south, where dial-up internet has recently emerged as a progressive form of technology, so I will be breaking down all of today’s goodies.

Mahomes to start for Alex Smith. How many more players will rest?

A couple of hours ago, the Chiefs announced that they would indeed be starting Patrick Mahomes as the line movement had suggested. Find out what other stars could be resting in this week’s Early Action Report.

Move over Patriots, Rams offering SB value

My friends and I once joked in our youth that we’d one day all buy the exact same Dodge Ram truck and drive them around town in a gang-like fashion. None of us ended up buying a Ram, unfortunately. However, regardless of that unnecessary anecdote, the Saint Louie Bet Labs boys managed to find some value in their once-hometown Rams squad, who also happen to sit atop their power rankings.

King Todd III pushing for MVP crown

Speaking of the Rams, with another diabolical game, Todd Gurley has forced himself into the MVP conversation. Can Tom Brady hold on?

Santa dropped by NHL Underdogs’ house and gave them a big fat chunk of coal

NHL starts back up tonight and Danny boy found a little somethin’ somethin’ about NHL favorites the day after the Christmas break.

Bills hoping to end ghastly playoff spell

Whilst dodging a hail of gunfire inside his STL apartment, John Ewing found a good reason to bet on the Bills Mafia in a must-win game.

Public love

SportTeamBetting %LineOpponent
NHLIslanders85%-175vs. Sabres
NBACeltics83%-1at Hornets
NHLAvalanche82%-156at Coyotes
NCAABWisconsin79%-30.5vs. Chicago St
NBALakers78%-3.5vs. Grizzlies

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