Chiefs Finally Getting Some Respect: Updated Super Bowl Odds

Chiefs Finally Getting Some Respect: Updated Super Bowl Odds

Last week, ’twas the Steelers who took over as the Super Bowl favorites. They responded very nicely this past Sunday, as Big Ben threw a mere five interceptions in a very ugly 30-9 loss to the Jaguars.

This week, the Patriots are back on top after a nice little win in Tampa Bay. However, with another victory to stay undefeated, the Chiefs are nipping at New England’s heels.

TeamWestgate (11/7)Westgate (10/31)Westgate (10/24)Westgate (10/17)Westgate (10/10)Westgate (10/3)Westgate (9/26)Westgate (9/19)Westgate (9/12)Westgate (9/7)BetOnline (7/15)Westgate (3/6)Westgate (1/10)
New England Patriots+350+350+350+400+450+500+400+350+400+275+325+450+600
Pittsburgh Steelers+400+400+450+500+700+450+700+700+600+900+1200+1000+1000
Philadelphia Eagles+400+600+700+800+1600+2000+3000+3000+3000+4000+5000+5000+6000
Kansas City Chiefs+1000+600+800+600+600+900+1000+1400+1600+3000+2500+2000+2000
Minnesota Vikings+1000+1200+1200+1600+4000+4000+2500+3000+2500+4000+3600+2000+2500
New Orleans Saints+1000+1200+1400+2000+4000+4000+8000+10000+5000+2500+5000+6000+8000
Seattle Seahawks+1200+800+1000+900+1000+1000+1200+1000+1000+800+1000+1200+1200
Los Angeles Rams+1600+2000+1800+4000+8000+5000+6000+8000+8000+10000+15000+10000+10000
Dallas Cowboys+1600+2000+2000+2500+2000+1600+800+1000+800+1200+900+800+1000
Carolina Panthers+2500+2500+3000+2000+1400+3000+5000+2000+2000+3000+2800+2000+2000
Atlanta Falcons+3000+1800+1400+900+800+800+600+700+1200+1600+1000+1200+1600
Tennessee Titans+3000+4000+4000+3500+5000+3000+2000+3000+4000+2000+4000+4000+4000
Oakland Raiders+3000+10000+2500+4000+3000+2000+1000+800+700+800+1100+1200+2000
Jacksonville Jaguars+3500+5000+6000+10000+5000+10000+8000+10000+6000+10000+8000+8000+8000
Detroit Lions+6000+10000+5000+5000+4000+2500+3000+4000+8000+10000+5000+6000+6000
Houston Texans+10000+4000+4000+3500+4000+2500+3500+8000+10000+4000+1800+4000+6000
Buffalo Bills+10000+5000+6000+8000+8000+8000+20000+30000+20000+20000+10000+8000+8000
Green Bay Packers+10000+8000+6000+3000+500+600+800+1000+700+800+850+1200+1200
Los Angeles Chargers+10000+10000+6000+8000+30000+50000+20000+10000+6000+6000+4500+6000+8000
Washington Redskins+10000+20000+8000+5000+8000+8000+8000+10000+20000+10000+6600+4000+5000
Denver Broncos+20000+8000+3000+2800+1400+1400+2000+2000+4000+4000+2500+2000+2000
Baltimore Ravens+20000+10000+20000+10000+8000+10000+4000+2500+4000+5000+4000+2500+2500
Chicago Bears+20000+20000+10000+20000+50000+50000+10000+50000+10000+10000+17500+10000+10000
Arizona Cardinals+20000+30000+30000+10000+20000+8000+10000+6000+5000+5000+3600+2000+2500
Cincinnati Bengals+30000+8000+10000+8000+8000+20000+30000+20000+10000+8000+6600+4000+5000
Miami Dolphins+30000+30000+10000+10000+20000+20000+10000+8000+10000+10000+6600+3000+4000
New York Jets+30000+100000+50000+30000+30000+50000+100000+999900+200000+100000+50000+10000+10000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+100000+20000+8000+8000+4000+3000+4000+3000+4000+4000+3300+3000+4000
Indianapolis Colts+100000+100000+50000+10000+10000+20000+20000+50000+20000+10000+4000+2500+2500
New York Giants+999900+50000+50000+20000+30000+10000+8000+3000+2000+1200+1600+2000+2500
Cleveland Browns+999900+999900+999900+999900+999900+200000+50000+50000+30000+10000+25000+30000+30000
San Francisco 49ersN/A+999900+200000+200000+100000+50000+20000+50000+50000+10000+30000+30000+30000

On the rise

With their move from 9/1 to 6/1, the Chiefs’ Super Bowl implied odds rose by 4.29%—most of any team this week. Their odds have improved after each victory, but never as much as this past one against the Texans. Gotta give credit where credit is due. They’re the only undefeated team remaining and also the only team that is 5-0 against the spread. 

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have also creeped back towards the top of the list. Their loss to the Falcons in week 2 set them back, but their last minute win against the Cowboys has them back at 5/1—right behind the Pats.

The Eagles and Panthers have also established themselves as contenders and have made notable jumps over the past two weeks. At 4-1, the Eagles are kind of in the driver’s seat in the NFC East thanks to the struggling Cowboys and Giants.

Cam Newton and the Panthers have played much better after their loss to the Saints and have the fourth best odds in their conference. Anyone who took them at 50/1 a couple weeks back got tremendous value.

On the fall

The Steelers, whose odds were probably too high at +450 anyway, drop all the way to +700—nearly a six percent drop off in implied probability. The end is looking not that far away for Ben Roethlisberger, who hinted that this may be his final season. His 75.8 passer rating is tied for 28th with Brian freaking Hoyer and only one point above Jay freaking Cutler. Not good!

The Cowboys have fallen to 20/1 after their loss to Green Bay. Can’t give Aaron Rodgers over a minute! What were you thinking?

Two teams in particular were really hurt by injuries, with the Giants and Texans both losing multiple key players for the season.

The Giants…well, they already sucked and might want to start tanking now. They fell from 100/1 to 300/1 after losing OBJ, Brandon Marshall, and Dwayne Harris for the season. The Texans, who still look intriguing thanks to DeShaun Watson’s play in recent weeks, will be much thinner on defense without J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus. They’re back to 40/1 after peaking at 25/1 last week.

Check back next week for the latest update.

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