Boise State – Louisiana Tech: point spread of 37.5 points!

Boise State – Louisiana Tech: point spread of 37.5 points!

Tonight features one of college football’s powerhouses, Boise State, in the hunt for the National Championship — and a huge favorite over Louisiana Tech.  On the face of things, some sports bettors would look at SportsInsights’ betting percentages and think that SportsInsights’ analysts lean towards the heavy underdog.

However, in addition to “betting against the Public” and analyzing “smart money” moves, our team of analysts also studies historical data for additional trends and angles related to specific sports.  Please check out our book on College Football, available at

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The book highlights approaches and systems that have resulted in SportsInsights starting the college football season 28-13 (68%) for its published Square Plays.

Why bet on Louisiana Tech?

  • Contrarian play (37.5 point underdog)
  • Betting Against the Public (about 29% on the big dog)
  • Smart Money / reverse line movement (line declined from opener of 38 points at Pinnacle and has moved down to 37).

Why bet on Boise State?

  • Home crowd
  • National Title implications.   Boise State is #2 in most polls, and #3 in the all-important BCS poll.  This means that Boise State feels like it “has something to prove” and will have a “chip on their shoulders.”  Putting up big “points on the board” can help fix this as we get closer to Bowl season.
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