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Horses, Boxing & Favorite Bias

In one of our articles, we highlighted the long-standing longshot-favorite bias that exists in horse racing and boxing betting.  The sports betting research that performs for major US sports has uncovered biases that relate...

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Sports Betting Tips, NBA & SportsInsights

This year's NBA playoffs have been good for SportsInsights' contrarian methods.   In particular, a scan of last night's results showed another two wins for "bet against" underdogs (Philly & Denver covered the point spread...

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Baseball & Contrarian Methods

The baseball season is still young, but SportsInsights Square Plays have already racked up +19 units for SportsInsights Members.  SportsInsights' contrarian sports investing methods have proven to work across all major sports over the long-term. Why...

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Sunday Sports Marketplace

Happy Holidays and Happy Easter to you and your family -- from the team at In today's sports marketplace, there is a lot of action: In the NBA, the Celtics are collecting just under 80% of...

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NBA Playoffs Underdogs

In case you didn't notice, many of the "larger" underdogs (about 6 points or more) have been covering during this year's NBA playoff season. Last night, the Knicks covered the spread vs. the Celtics (as they...

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