Sunday Sports Marketplace

Sunday Sports Marketplace

Happy Holidays and Happy Easter to you and your family — from the team at

In today’s sports marketplace, there is a lot of action:

  • In the NBA, the Celtics are collecting just under 80% of the bets after their blowout win in New York the other night.  Fans forget quickly — how the Knicks covered each of the two games in Boston.  The line has moved a bit due to the lopsided-betting so keep your browser pointed to SportsInsights to see what plays may be triggered.
  • In MLB, the Phillies remain red-hot and are heavy favorites with Halladay on the mound.  The Phillies are heavy favorites on the road — and we like a potential value/bias on SD at home.
  • In the NHL, the Buffalo Sabres are slight favorites at home, and surprisingly to some of the team at SportsInsights, are receiving just 1/3 of the bets.

Keep your eyes on sports investing value and visit SportsInsights regularly for live betting odds and profitable betting strategies that have proven to be long-term winners.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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