Baseball & Contrarian Methods

Baseball & Contrarian Methods

The baseball season is still young, but SportsInsights Square Plays have already racked up +19 units for SportsInsights Members.  SportsInsights’ contrarian sports investing methods have proven to work across all major sports over the long-term.

Why do these approaches work?

  • The contrarian plays often go against generally-accepted opinions — leading to value — and profits in the long-term.
  • Sports investing betting trends and “value plays” typically pick underdogs — that are particularly “ugly” plays — that most sports fans and bettors cannot stomach.
  • This “value philosophy” is not a get-rich-quick method — so that many bettors cannot stick to this proven method.  And that’s okay with us: this leaves “more on the table” for sports investors.
  • The underdog moneyline plays typically win at a rate less than 50% — but the positive (+100 or better) odds can lead to profits.
  • Baseball has been one of the best sports for applying value approaches.

There may be “naysayers” out there — but SportsInsights’ record of published performance (over many years and thousands of games) speaks for itself.

SportsInsights’ strategies — and the bias for value in the sports investing marketplace — have helped its Members earn profits in the competitive world of sports betting.

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