Sports Betting Tips, NBA & SportsInsights

Sports Betting Tips, NBA & SportsInsights

This year’s NBA playoffs have been good for SportsInsights’ contrarian methods.   In particular, a scan of last night’s results showed another two wins for “bet against” underdogs (Philly & Denver covered the point spread — in losing causes).  Below are some betting tips that came to mind when looking at last night’s results.

  • We often talk about playoffs, games on national TV, and other “big games” — where the edge in sports investing and contrarian value seems to be magnified.  Here is a SportsInsights article on this “big game” trend (as well as other betting tips).
  • The lines are often biased against the public to increase sportsbook profit margins; the link points to an economist’s view of “how and why” point spreads are shaded.
  • Point spreads are often “sharp” — so that if you “Shop for the best line” — you can improve your results.  Last night’s Memphis-San Antonio game is a prime example.  If you shopped for the best line, you would either push or beat the point spread, depending on your side.  The line was waffling between Memphis +6.5 and +7 — and the game landed on +7.

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