Horses, Boxing & Favorite Bias

Horses, Boxing & Favorite Bias

In one of our articles, we highlighted the long-standing longshot-favorite bias that exists in horse racing and boxing betting.  The sports betting research that performs for major US sports has uncovered biases that relate to betting against the public — and generally finds value on underdogs.

Interestingly, the opposite is generally true for major horse racing and boxing events.  In these events, there is a LOT of public interest in these “one-time events.”  Boxing and horses often offer long-shot “lottery ticket” opportunities that offer attractive odds to the casual bettor.  This means that long-shots are OVER-valued — and that “sharps” and professionals are often on the undervalued favorites.

Most major US team sports do not offer the same long-shot odds that we see in boxing and horse racing.  Please visit SportsInsights for relevant and timely sports betting information.

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