A Look at Today’s “Super Saturday” Sports Marketplace

A Look at Today’s “Super Saturday” Sports Marketplace

SportsInsights’ analysts are busy with today’s “Super Saturday” for sports investors.  Although it is a relatively light day for NCAA Basketball action, this is the first Saturday in a while — with activity in four major U.S. sports (NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, the NBA, and the NHL).  There are a multitude of profit opportunities for sports investors.  Please remember to bet with your head and mind your money management.

If you haven’t already done so, please check out SportsInsights’ report on “betting against the Public” in NCAA Basketball.

  • In the College Basketball marketplace, there is heavy betting activity in the Harvard-George Mason game, as well as the Detroit U – New Mexico game.  The team at SportsInsights.com is studying the sports marketplace indicators to see if the betting activity warrants Square Play and/or Best Bet selections.
  • Earlier in the week, we highlighted College Football opening line indicators for the Oregon-California game.  This game remains one of the heaviest-bet games of the week, with a lot of Public attention on this match-up — partly due to the National Title implications.  Many sports fans “feel” that a team contending for the national title MUST be able to crush any opponent.  However, our readers know that this kind of “public perception” leads to value in the sports marketplace. California is the home team, but is collecting just 18% of the bets — with a tiny 8% of the teasers/parlays.  Teasers and parlays are often a good “additional” indicator of contrarian value.

For additional information about some of the angles, trends, and data that SportsInsights focuses on (that has led to  profitable starts to the NBA and NHL seasons — and a 70% college football and 60% NFL 2010 season to date), please check out our article on “betting against the Public” in the NCAA Football sports marketplace as well as our books on Sports Investing available at Amazon or in electronic Ebook format.  Our Members gain full access to our suite of betting systems and methods.

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