2018 Oscars Odds

2018 Oscars Odds

Here they are…the 2018 Oscars odds, brought to you by someone who has not watched a movie in theaters this year and won’t until Star Wars comes out. On a related note, The Last Jedi is +300 just to be nominated for Best Picture at BetOnline. You can’t tell me some Sundance Film Festival garbage is better than Star Wars. Maybe it has better cinematic themes or something, but there’s NO WAY you are leaving the theater more entertained after watching The Florida Project than Star Wars. There’s a reason why the former only brought in three million at the box office while The Last Jedi is going to earn more than several small countries’ annual GDPs.

Unless you are an arthouse goon, I assume you haven’t seen most of these movies. Sure, there are some bigger films out there. I actually just watched Get Out a couple of weeks ago…kind of underwhelmed if I’m being honest. Don’t get me wrong, I can enjoy/understand some “artsy” films, but when they forced me to watch Citizen Kane in this film class I took in college, I quite literally fell asleep I was so freakin’ bored.

It would appear as if Dunkirk is expected to be this year’s “it” movie. Not Stephen King’s It, but the movie that will win like 12 different awards and cause viewers to lash out irrationally at the TV each time they’re called up.

I’m no cinephile so I’m not going to analyze the odds for these. Maybe go to the A.V. Club or some other site for actual analysis on the films and actors.

Best Picture

Movie11/20 (BetOnline)
Dunkirk +200
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri+250
The Post+450
The Shape of Water+500
Call Me By Your Name+600
Darkest Hour+900
Lady Bird+1000
The Florida Project+1200
Get Out+1400
Blade Runner 2049+1800
I, Tonya+2000
The Big Sick+2500
The Disaster Artist+2800
The Greatest Showman+2800
Wonder Woman+6600

Best Director

DirectorMovie11/20 (BetOnline)
Christopher NolanDunkirk-300
Guillermo Del ToroThe Shape of Water+320
Steven SpielbergThe Post+550
Luca GuadagninoCall Me By Your Name+800
Joe WrightDarkest Hour+1200
Denis VilleneuveBlade Runner 2049+1600
Jordan PeeleGet Out+1600
Kathryn BigelowDetroit+2000
Alexander PayneDownsizing+2000
Darren AronofskyMother!+3300
Patty JenkinsWonder Woman+4000

Best Actor

ActorMovie11/20 (BetOnline)
Gary OldmanDarkest Hour-325
Daniel Day LewisPhantom Thread+500
Timothee ChalametCall Me By Your Name+800
Tom Hanks The Post+900
Denzel WashingtonRoman J. Israel, Esq+1000
Hugh JackmanThe Greatest Showman+1400
Jake GyllenhaalStronger+1600
Chadwick BosemanMarshall+1800
James Franco The Disaster Artist+2000
James McAvoySplit+2500

Best Actress

ActressMovie11/20 (BetOnline)
Frances McDormandThree Billboards Outside+140
Sally HawkinsThe Shape of Water+140
Saoirse RonanLady Bird+500
Margot RobbieI, Tonya+600
Jessica ChastainMolly's Game+800
Meryl StreepThe Post+900
Annette BeningFilm Stars Don't Die in Liverpool+1000
Kate WinsletWonder Wheel+1200
Emma StoneBattle of the Sexes+1600
Brie LarsonThe Glass Castle+2200
Carey MulliganMudbound+2200

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