2017 NFL Individual Yards and TD Over/Unders

2017 NFL Individual Yards and TD Over/Unders

There have been plenty of league leader props posted up until this point…almost too many. However, you might have some overrated players in mind that you don’t think will perform well…or perhaps you think a player will do well, but not lead the league  Now, you can bet on totals for many of the big names around the league.

There aren’t a ton of different rushing and receiving options at BetOnline at the moment, but I imagine other books will be posting totals of their own over the next couple of weeks.

Passing Yards

Player8/22 (BetOnline)
Drew Brees4999.5 (u-125)
Tom Brady4725.5
Matt Ryan4650.5
Philip Rivers4450.5
Kirk Cousins4400.5
Aaron Rodgers4440.5 (u-130)
Ben Roethlisberger4350.5
Jameis Winston4300.5
Eli Manning4250.5
Matthew Stafford4200.5
Derek Carr4200.5
Andy Dalton4200.5 (u-130)
Russell Wilson4150.5
Carson Wentz4150.5
Carson Palmer4100.5
Sam Bradford3850.5
Dak Prescott3800.5 (o-125)
Cam Newton3750.5
Marcus Mariota3750.5

Passing Touchdowns

Player8/22 (BetOnline)
Aaron Rodgers35.5 (o-120)
Tom Brady35.5 (u-120)
Drew Brees33.5
Matt Ryan 32.5 (o-140)
Philip Rivers31.5 (u-125)
Derek Carr30.5 (o-145)
Ben Roethlisberger30.5 (u-125)
James Winston29.5 (o-120)
Eli Manning29.5
Marcus Mariota27.5 (u-120)
Russell Wilson26.5
Kirk Cousins25.5
Matt Stafford25.5
Andy Dalton24.5
Dak Prescott24.5
Cam Newton23.5 (o-130)
Sam Bradford22
Tyrod Taylor20 (u-160)
Jared Goff 17.5 (u-155)

Receiving Yards

Player8/22 (BetOnline)
Julio Jones1450.5 (o-130)
Antonio Brown1450.5
Odell Beckham 1350.5 (o-130)
A.J. Green1300.5
Mike Evans1285.5
Amari Cooper1199.5
Michael Thomas1185.5 (o-125)
Jordy Nelson1200.5
DeAndre Hopkins1085.5

Receiving TDs

Player 8/22 (BetOnline)
Antonio Brown 10.5 (o-130)
Jordy Nelson10.5
Odell Beckham9.5 (o-140)
Mike Evans9.5
Rob Gronkowski9.5
Dez Bryant9
Julio Jones9
Michael Thomas8.5
Doug Baldwin8
Allen Robinson7.5 (u-130)

Rushing Yards

Player8/22 (BetOnline)
Le'Veon Bell1400.5
Jay Ajayi 1275.5
Jordan Howard1275.5
David Johnson1250.5
LeSean McCoy 1150.5
Lamar Miller1100.5
Melvin Gordon1100.5
DeMarco Murray1075.5
Todd Gurley1050.5
Leonard Fournette1000.5 (o-140)

Rushing TDs

Player8/22 (BetOnline)
David Johnson12.5
LeSean McCoy 9.5 (o-130)
Le'Veon Bell9
Devonta Freeman8.5
Marshawn Lynch8.5
Melvin Gordon8.5
Mike Gillislee8.5
Jay Ajayi8.5 (u-125)
DeMarco Murray7.5 (u-125)

Rushing + Receiving Yards

Player8/22 (BetOnline)
Le'Veon Bell2000.5 (o-135)
David Johnson2000.5 (o-120)
Christian McCaffrey1000.5 (o-180)
Dalvin Cook1000.5 (o-170)
Joe Mixon1000.5 (o-145)

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