2017 NFL Exact Standings Odds

2017 NFL Exact Standings Odds

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Boy, I am jonesing to bet on the Colts to finish third in the AFC South,” but had no way of satisfying that urge? Well, look no further!

At BetOnline, you can bet on the exact finishing position for every team in every division. Will the Patriots finish last in the AFC East? Will the Browns win the AFC South? Hell no. However, there are plenty of rational choices to bet on. These odds can also help give you a better idea of where your favorite team is most likely to finish according to the books.

AFC East

Team1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
New England-1000+600+2500+10000
Buffalo +1200+165+110+450
NY Jets+6600+900+350-400

This division is expected to be a barn-burner! Just kidding…business as usual for the Pats. The only thing really worth betting on is whether the Dolphins or Bills will finish second or third. It must suck being a non-Pats fan…seriously, though.

AFC North

Team1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place

There are certainly a few more viable options in the AFC North. Although the Steelers have the second best odds to win the AFC title at +600, their -150 odds to win the division only suggest a 60% implied probability. I expect that many terrible-towel-wavers will put money down on the Steelers to top the division. I find it a little surprising that the Browns are only +300 to finish in third place. Given the public’s disdain for Cleveland, I doubt there will be many takers on that unless it goes up to 4 or 5/1.

AFC South

Team1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place

Last summer, the AFC South was also expected to be a bit of a three-headed monster. However, the Titans surprisingly finished with the same record as the Texans despite being 12/1 before the season. On the other hand, the 3/1 Jaguars wound up with just three wins. Oddsmakers are clearly having trouble distinguishing the teams again this season, as the Colts and Titans have the exact same odds for every spot in the standings. The Texans barely hold an edge over them, but do enough people have faith in Deshaun Watson to keep them on top of the odds list?

AFC West

Team1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
Kansas City+225+190+250+450
LA Chargers+425+400+300+100

The AFC West is also expected to be a close race. Even the relocated Chargers, who finished with just five wins last season, are not counted out. Though the Chiefs beat out the Raiders due to a tie-breaker, the books give Oakland a sizable edge over them for the 1st place spot. Perhaps Marshawn Lynch is the explanation. If you have faith in Trevor Siemian or expect Paxton Lynch to break through this season, there could be some value on the Broncos finishing second at +300.

NFC East

Team1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
NY Giants+200+225+300+350
Philadelphia +400+300+150+250

Similar to the AFC North, I expect there to be a ton of public bettors hammering the Cowboys at +140. Given their 13 wins last season and the fact that their two star rookies should in theory get better this season, even I feel like there may be some value at that plus-money payout. The Giants, who seem to have a knack for being great one year and bad the next, may be a bit overvalued here at +200. I don’t expect them to beat the Cowboys twice again and I can easily see them having less than ten wins. If anything, there could be some value at taking them 3rd or 4th at +300 and +350, respectively.

NFC North

Team1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
Green Bay-275+250+1000+5000
Detroit +600+225+110+425

I am surprised by Detroit’s odds given their play last season and the maturation of Matt Stafford over the past couple of seasons. The Packers were an enigma last year. They did great things…terrible! Yes…but great. It appears the books expect them to be more great than terrible this year. If you don’t have that much faith in the Lions (can’t blame you), take a chance on them at +225 for 2nd place.

NFC South

Team1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
Tampa Bay+325+300+225+200
New Orleans+450+350+240+140

I feel that one could make an argument for any team in this division to finish in any spot. Do you think the Panthers will return to their 2015 form? Will the Falcons follow in the Panthers’ footsteps and lay an egg after losing the Super Bowl? Can Jameis Winston take another big stride towards becoming an elite QB? Will Drew Brees make one more push for another Super Bowl with his new pal in the backfield, Adrian Peterson?

Either tread very cautiously or steer clear of this division entirely because as Kevin Garnett once said, “Anything is possible!”

NFC West

Team1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
LA Rams+2500+1000-160+165
San Francisco+4000+1600+175-200

The NFC West…what a trainwreck. Even at -260, I expect there to be plenty of bets on the Seahawks to win the division. The oddsmakers must feel very confident in their beliefs on this division considering that each of the four spots in the standings has a team that is an odds-on favorite. If you wanna get nuts, maybe take a flyer on the Rams finishing second at 10/1. Maybe Jared Goff is the chosen one…only time will tell.

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