2017 Emmys Odds

2017 Emmys Odds

Who doesn’t love TV, right? Unless you were one of those kids who grew up in a TV-less household and were forced to read books or something…I guess your parents don’t love TV.

With the 2017 Emmys a month and change away, offshore sportsbooks have started to post odds for the major awards.

Many of the categories posted have sizable favorites, but there have been notable upsets at award shows in the past. Of course, the most infamous one has to be the La La Land/Moonlight debacle at this year’s Oscars. La La land was a -600 favorite to win best picture and was originally announced as the winner. However, once the cast and crew took the stage, it was revealed that Moonlight (+550) was the actual winner.

I doubt there will be any envelope mishaps at the Emmys, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be upsets. Check back for odds updates over the next several weeks to see how the lines are moving.

Outstanding Comedy Series

Series9/17 Odds (Bovada)9/12 Odds (Bovada)8/27 Odds (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Master of None+1800+2500+2500+3000
Silicon Valley+2800+4000+4000+5000
Modern Family+4000+4000+4000+5000
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt+6000+5000+5000+5000

Outstanding Drama Series

Series9/17 Odds (Bovada)9/12 Odds (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Stranger Things+160+150-120
This Is Us +190+250+750
The Handmaid's Tale+350+350+300
The Crown+600+450+450
Better Call Saul+3300+4500+5000
House Of Cards+4500+3300+3300

Outstanding Limited Series

Series9/17 Odds (Bovada)9/12 Odds (Bovada)8/27 Odds (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Big Little Lies-400-300-175-150
FEUD: Bette and Joan+400+300+225+175
The Night Of+600+600+400+450

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Actor (Series)9/17 Odds (Bovada)9/12 Odds (Bovada)8/27 Odds (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Donald Glover (Atlanta)-350-300-275-250
Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent)+400+350+325+300
William H. Macy (Shameless)+800+800+750+700
Aziz Ansari (Master of None)+1500+1500+1500+1500
Anthony Anderson (Black-ish)+2500+2500+2500+3000
Zach Galifanakis (Baskets)+6600+6600+6600+5000

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Actor (Series)9/17 (Bovada)9/12 (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us)-275-175-160
Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul)+325+225+200
Anthony Hopkins (Westworld)+600+500+500
Kevin Spacey (House Of Cards)+3300+3300+3300
Matthew Rhys (The Americans)+4000+4000+4000
Milo Ventimiglia (This Is Us)+4000+4000+4000
Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan)+5000+5000+5000

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series/Movie

Actor (Series)9/17 Odds (Bovada)9/12 Odds (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Riz Ahmed (The Night Of)-180-175-150
Robert De Niro (The Wizard of Lies)+150+140+150
Geoffrey Rush (Genius)+1800+1800+800
Ewan McGregor (Fargo)+2500+2500+2500
John Turturro (The Night Of) +3000+3000+3300
Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock: The Lying Detective)+4000+4000+3300

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Actress (Series)9/17 Odds (Bovada)9/12 Odds (Bovada)8/27 Odds (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep)-600-600-600-700
Tracee Ellis Ross (Black-ish)+450+450+500+500
Lily Tomlin (Grace and Frankie)+1400+1400+1200+1200
Allison Janney (Mom)+2800+2800+2800+4000
Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)+4000+4000+4000+5000
Pamela Adlon (Better Things)+5500+5500+5500+5000
Jane Fonda (Grace and Frankie)+5500+5500+5500+5000

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Actress (Series)9/17 Odds (Bovada)9/12 Odds (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Elisabeth Moss (Offred)-400-400-500
Claire Foy (The Crown)+250+250+250
Viola Davis (How To Get Away With Murder) +2800+2800+3300
Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld)+2800+2800+5000
Robin Wright (House of Cards) +4000+4000+5000
Keri Russell (The Americans)+5000+5000+5000

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series/Movie

Actress (Series)9/17 Odds (Bovada)9/12 Odds (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Nicole Kidman (Big Little Lies)-400-400-400
Jessiga Lange (FEUD: Bette and Joan)+300+250+250
Carrie Coon (Fargo)+1500+2500+3300
Susan Sarandon (FEUD: Bette and Joan)+2500+2500+2000
Felicity Huffman (American Crime)+4000+5000+5000
Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies+4000+5000+5000

Outstanding Television Movie

Movie9/17 Odds (Bovada)9/12 Odds (Bovada)8/27 Odds (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Black Mirror: San Junipero-300-275-275-275
Sherlock: The Lying Detective+400+350+450+450
The Wizard Of Lies +450+450+400+350
The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks+1600+1800+1500+2000
Dolly Parton's Christmas+5000+5000+5000+5000

Outstanding Variety Talk Series

Series9/17 Odds (Bovada)9/12 Odds (Bovada)8/27 Odds (Bovada)8/6 Odds (Bovada)
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver-225-225-220-225
Full Frontal With Samantha Bee+280+280+250+250
The Late Show With Stephen Colbert+500+500+500+500
Jimmy Kimmel Live+2000+2000+2800+5000
Real Time With Bill Maher+6600+6600+6600+6600
The Late Late Show With James Corden+6600+6600+6600+6600

Originally Published August 7th

Let’s take a look at a couple of the tighter races.

Stranger Things, which Netflix subscribers may be familiar with, is the favorite to win best drama series, but oddsmakers aren’t ruling out a few other shows. In fact, the three shows with the best odds are all from internet-based streaming services and all have completed one season. I remember back in my day when we had six channels and two of them didn’t even work. Now all the best TV shows aren’t even on TV…what a world…but I digress. With all of the hype Stranger Things received, I’m surprised it isn’t favored a bit more. If you did want to take a chance on one of the dogs, The Handmaid’s Tale has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes…which is good.

For the lead actor in a drama series award, Sterling K. Brown of This Is Us is slightly favored over Bob Odenkirk of the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. Brown won an Emmy last year as best supporting actor in a limited series/movie for his work in The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and has taken his talents to NBC for the pilot season of This Is Us.

Although he comes from a comedic background, Odenkirk has become an A-list celeb for his work as Saul Goodman. It wouldn’t surprise me if bettors put some money down on Odenkirk given his cult-like following and even out the odds a bit more over the coming weeks.

Will you put some money down on any longshots or play it safe and bet the favorites…or play it real safe and not bet anything.

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