2016 Vice Presidential Odds

2016 Vice Presidential Odds

As we approach Super Tuesday, many analysts have begun speculating about potential Vice Presidential candidates for each of the potential nominees. Despite the recent rise of Bernie Sanders, oddsmakers remain confident that the 2016 Presidential Election will feature Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee and Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

Over at 5Dimes, Clinton is listed at -910 to be the Democratic nominee while Trump is listed at -240 to be the Republican nominee. It’s only recently that the real estate mogul emerged as the clear cut favorite. Following his resounding victory in the Nevada Caucus, Trump moved from -117 to -260 at Bookmaker — arguably the sharpest offshore sportsbook.

In the general election, bookmaker is taking massive limits with a max bet of $10,000 on the winning party and the next President. The Democrats (-170) are listed as slight favorites over the Republicans (+150) with a third party candidate considered a long shot (+3,222). There are only five presidential candidates with odds less than +10,000: Hillary Clinton (-140), Donald Trump (+276), Marco Rubio (+562), Bernie Sanders (+1,308) and Michael Bloomberg (+4,500).

Assuming that Clinton and Trump square off in the general election, it’s not surprising to see the early Vice Presidential odds. Many believe that Trump will need to add an experienced (and slightly more moderate) politician, which makes John Kasich (+230) an interesting possibility. The fact that Kasich is also the Governor of Ohio, an important swing state, would be an added bonus.

As for the Democrats, it’s hardly surprising to see Julian Castro listed as the front runner. The former Mayor of San Antonio and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development was the first Hispanic to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention, and is seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party.

The tables below display the 2016 Vice Presidential odds (along with the odds for the field) for each candidate. These numbers are accurate as of 9:00 AM on Wednesday, February 24, 2016.

Republican Vice Presidential Nominee

CandidateOdds (5/4)Field (5/4)Odds (2/24)Field (2/24)
Marco Rubio+530-990+470-810
Chris Christie+550-1050+1450-4050
John Kasich+625-1275+230-310
Susana Martinez+725-1545+1350-3250
Nikky HaleyN/AN/A+260-380
Carly FiorinaN/AN/A+1450-4050
Ted CruzN/AN/A+1500-4500
Rob PortmanN/AN/A+1800-5400
Scott WalkerN/AN/A+2500-7500
Donald TrumpN/AN/A+2500-7500

Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee

CandidateOdds (5/4)Field (5/4)Odds (2/24)Field (2/24)
Tim Kaine+350-530+380-570
Julian Castro+410-620+255-365
Elizabeth Warren+650-1350+550-1050
Cory Booker+800-1700+600-1200
Martin O'MalleyN/AN/A+1100-2300
Bernie SandersN/AN/A+1200-2600
Mark WarnerN/AN/A+1200-2600
Deval PatrickN/AN/A+1400-3600

5/4/16 Update

Although Donald Trump has not secured the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican Presidential nomination, there are no longer any legitimate threats to his candidacy. On Tuesday (5/3) evening, Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race following a devastating loss to Donald Trump in Indiana. That led Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, to declare that Trump will almost definitely be the party’s nominee:

In an interview with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business network, Trump was asked about potential running mates and said, “I would want to choose a politician. I’m a businessman. I don’t think we need two guys like me.”

Since these odds were initially posted over two months ago, John Kasich was listed as the favorite to be the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, but he’s actually slipped from +230 to +625. Conversely, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has seen his stock soar, moving from +1450 to +550.

On the Democratic side, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine leapfrogged Julian Castro (who dropped from +255 to +410) to become the oddsmakers favorite.

Who do you think will earn the Vice Presidential nominations for each party? Are any candidates offering value? Were there any notable exclusions? Please leave your thoughts and comment in the section below.

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  • Trey
    05/03/2016 at 6:52 pm

    My guess is that Donald Trump takes Joni Ernst from Iowa.

    • Mulder Foxx
      05/06/2016 at 5:53 pm

      She called for Obama to be impeached and then tried to back track on it when someone found the video. Joni Ernst is Palin 2.0.

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