2016 NFL Betting: Highest and Lowest Scoring Team Odds

2016 NFL Betting: Highest and Lowest Scoring Team Odds

With the NFL preseason underway, the start of the regular season is less than a month away. We have previously detailed a number of prop bets available at various offshore sportsbooks, but last week 5Dimes posted odds for the league’s highest and lowest scoring teams in the league. Additionally, they posted an over/under for the total points scored by all 32 teams.

Highest Scoring Team

Team5Dimes (8/15)
Carolina Panthers  +750
Pittsburgh Steelers  +750
Green Bay Packers  +800
Arizona Cardinals  +900
New England Patriots  +1000
Seattle Seahawks  +1200
Cincinnati Bengals  +2000
Dallas Cowboys  +2000
Indianapolis Colts  +2000
New Orleans Saints  +2500
New York Giants  +2500
Minnesota Vikings  +2750
Kansas City Chiefs  +2800
Denver Broncos  +3500
Atlanta Falcons  +4000
Baltimore Ravens  +4000
Houston Texans  +4000
Buffalo Bills  +5000
Jacksonville Jaguars  +5000
Oakland Raiders  +5000
Washington Redskins  +5000
Miami Dolphins  +5500
Philadelphia Eagles  +5500
New York Jets  +6000
Detroit Lions  +6600
San Diego Chargers  +6600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  +6750
Chicago Bears  +10000
San Francisco 49ers  +10000
Tennessee Titans  +10000
Los Angeles Rams  +12500
Cleveland Browns  +15000

Lowest Scoring Team

Team5Dimes (8/15)
Cleveland Browns  +700
Los Angeles Rams  +750
Tennessee Titans  +850
San Francisco 49ers  +1000
Detroit Lions  +1150
Chicago Bears  +1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  +1400
Philadelphia Eagles  +2000
San Diego Chargers  +2000
Miami Dolphins  +2500
New York Jets  +2500
Oakland Raiders  +2500
Washington Redskins  +2500
Denver Broncos  +3000
Houston Texans  +3000
Baltimore Ravens  +3300
Buffalo Bills  +3300
Minnesota Vikings  +3350
Jacksonville Jaguars  +5000
Kansas City Chiefs  +5000
New Orleans Saints  +6250
Atlanta Falcons  +6600
Cincinnati Bengals  +7500
Indianapolis Colts  +7500
New York Giants  +7500
Dallas Cowboys  +10000
Seattle Seahawks  +12000
Carolina Panthers  +15000
New England Patriots  +15000
Pittsburgh Steelers  +15000
Arizona Cardinals  +17500
Green Bay Packers  +17500

Team Points (Over/Under)

Team5Dimes (8/15)
Carolina Panthers450.5
Green Bay Packers450.5
Pittsburgh Steelers450.5
New England Patriots445.5
Arizona Cardinals440.5
Seattle Seahawks435.5
Cincinnati Bengals420.5
Dallas Cowboys420.5
Indianapolis Colts415.5
New York Giants410.5
New Orleans Saints395.5
Jacksonville Jaguars390.5
Kansas City Chiefs390.5
Atlanta Falcons390.5
Oakland Raiders380.5
Denver Broncos380.5
Minnesota Vikings380.5
Houston Texans380.5
San Diego Chargers370.5
Washington Redskins370.5
Buffalo Bills370.5
Baltimore Ravens370.5
Miami Dolphins355.5
Philadelphia Eagles350.5
Detroit Lions350.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers350.5
New York Jets340.5
Chicago Bears340.5
Los Angeles Rams320.5
Tennessee Titans315.5
San Francisco 49ers300.5
Cleveland Browns290.5

Last season the Carolina Panthers led the league with 500 points scored during the regular season, so it’s not surprising to see them listed as one of the co-favorites. That said, I believe the Panthers offense is due for a major digression — even with the return of star wide receiver, Kelvin Benjamin.

On the flip side, the Cleveland Browns are the favorite to be the lowest scoring team in football during the 2016 season. Last season the Browns finished with the third fewest points scored (278) which ranked just ahead of Dallas (275) and San Francisco (238). The Cowboys should bounce back with the return of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, and the 49ers are hoping that Chip Kelly will re-invigorate the team’s offense.


Which teams do you think are offering value? Can the Browns offense improve with the addition of Robert Griffin III? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Olia j Rodney jr
    08/15/2016 at 6:29 pm

    David I love the Cowboys to be the highest scoring team this year. I also have them going to the super bowl.

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