2016 NFL Best and Worst Record Odds

2016 NFL Best and Worst Record Odds

With the NFL season just around the corner, 5Dimes is offering some interesting props and futures that might pique your interest over the next few weeks. Among these are best and worst regular season records. Odds are offered for all 32 teams for each listing, allowing you to be as safe or risky as you want. So while it is incredibly unlikely, you could have a little fun and take the Packers at +35,000 to have the worst record or the Browns at +25,000 to have the best record. Crazier things have happened…actually, maybe not.

Over the past ten seasons, four teams or more have finished with at least 12 wins in each season. Just two years ago, five teams tied for the best record at 12 wins. There have been six teams with at least 14 wins in that span, including the 16-win Patriots in ’07. To take home the best record this year, you’ll likely need your team to win 13 games at the least.

This season, there are five teams that have odds of less than 10/1 to finish with the best record. The Packers sit at the top of the list at +575, followed by the Seahawks at +650, and the trio of the Patriots, Panthers, and Steelers at +800.


The Packers are coming off of a 10-6 season but, with Jordy Nelson due to return, Aaron Rodgers could be looking at another MVP-caliber season. Green Bay also has a very easy schedule, though, with their toughest non-division road game likely coming in week 8 at the Falcons. Based on last season’s records, they have the easiest schedule in the NFL this year.

The Seahawks and Russell Wilson will be tested in their first season in the post-Beast Mode era. Though Thomas Rawls was efficient last year, the Seahawks enter the season with the worst offensive line in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus. The Seahawks also have to deal with another elite team in their division in the Cardinals, as well as several tough non-division games against the Panthers, Patriots, and Packers. Add that all up, and the best record in the NFL seems like a tall task for Seattle.

The Panthers will be looking to redeem themselves after a disappointing Super Bowl loss, but they will have serious trouble replicating their 15-1 season. After losing Josh Norman, Pro Football Focus ranks them as the worst secondary in the NFL, which isn’t exactly a recipe for success. They don’t have any other weaknesses, however, and are looking for Kelvin Benjamin to have a productive comeback season. Their biggest test will come in early December when they face Oakland and Seattle on the road in back-to-back games.

The Patriots’ season relies heavily on the success of Jimmy Garoppolo in the first four games. Most people believe the Patriots could be anywhere from 3-1 to 1-3 during his stint as starter, which has huge implications on this type of bet. If Garoppolo can only manage to go 1-3, that likely means Tom Brady would have to step right in and go 12-0 for the Patriots to have a chance to finish with the best record. If he can be a solid QB and limit turnovers while working with a wide variety of offensive weapons, there’s a good chance the Patriots can go 3-1, allowing Brady a comfort zone to ease back into regular season play.

The Steelers are hoping to have one of the best offensive squads in the league again this year. They have elite players at QB, RB, and WR, but their mediocre defense will force the offense to be at full-speed every week. They have two solid teams in their division that could give them trouble, but two all-but-guaranteed wins against the Browns.

A bit further down the list are the Cardinals. Though they have to deal with the Seahawks, they could be an incredibly well-rounded team if David Johnson has a breakout season at running back. The Bengals are another well-rounded team that could break through if they can handle their division opponents.

Green Bay Packers+575
Seattle Seahawks+650
Carolina Panthers+800
New England Patriots+800
Pittsburgh Steelers+800
Arizona Cardinals+1200
Kansas City Chiefs+1200
Cincinnati Bengals+1400
Minnesota Vikings+1400
Dallas Cowboys+1800
Denver Broncos+1800
Houston Texans+2500
Indianapolis Colts+2500
Oakland Raiders+3300
New York Giants+4000
Baltimore Ravens+5000
Buffalo Bills+6600
Jacksonville Jaguars+6600
New York Jets+7500
Atlanta Falcons+8000
Chicago Bears+8000
Detroit Lions+8000
Los Angeles Rams+8000
Miami Dolphins+8000
Washington Redskins+8000
New Orleans Saints+9000
Philadelphia Eagles+10000
San Diego Chargers+10000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+10000
Tennessee Titans+15000
San Francisco 49ers+20000
Cleveland Browns+25000

When it comes to the worst teams in the league, the Browns are at the bottom (or top) of the list. According to Bet Labs Sports, after 1,000 season simulations, the Browns finish below 4.5 wins 52.1% of the time and finish with 3 wins or less about 30% of the time. Some RGIII fans may have hope for the Browns, as well as those who buy into the Browns new analytical approach.

If you do have faith in the Browns, the 49ers may be the way to go. Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been able to replicate the performance he put up the year he led the team to the Super Bowl, but there is that small chance he can return to form to some degree. The 49ers essentially have seven guaranteed losses against the Seahawks (x2), Cardinals (x2), Patriots, Panthers, and Packers. Based on last season’s records, they have the hardest schedule in the NFL this year.

Further down the list, the Titans provide a good payout if you don’t believe in Marcus Mariota. There are more than a handful of teams at +1,500 and +1,600 that could be worthy of taking a flier on. Many of these depend on how their division shakes out. The Bears and Lions from the NFC North both provide 16/1 payouts, while the Falcons, Bucs, and Saints will all be fighting for that bottom spot in the NFC South.

Cleveland Browns+350
San Francisco 49ers+550
Tennessee Titans+950
New Orleans Saints+1500
Philadelphia Eagles+1500
Atlanta Falcons+1600
Chicago Bears+1600
Detroit Lions+1600
Los Angeles Rams+1600
San Diego Chargers+1600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+1600
Miami Dolphins+2000
Washington Redskins+2000
Buffalo Bills+2500
Jacksonville Jaguars+2500
New York Jets+2500
Baltimore Ravens+3300
New York Giants+4000
Houston Texans+6000
Indianapolis Colts+6600
Oakland Raiders+6600
Dallas Cowboys+8000
Denver Broncos+10000
Kansas City Chiefs+10000
Cincinnati Bengals+12500
Minnesota Vikings+12500
Arizona Cardinals+15000
Carolina Panthers+25000
New England Patriots+25000
Pittsburgh Steelers+25000
Seattle Seahawks+30000
Green Bay Packers+35000

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