2016-17 NBA Betting: Who will lead the NBA in Points, Rebounds, and Assists?

Several teams held media day yesterday, and for some teams the preseason will kick off this weekend. Just in time for the start of preseason, Irish sportsbook Paddy Power posted odds for various season leaders, including points, rebounds, and assists.

This offseason we have highlighted multiple NBA prop bets, including win totals, Divisional Odds, Rookie of the Year Odds, MVP Odds, and Conference Championship Odds.

The tables below display the odds for league leader props at BetOnline and Paddy Power.


Player BetOnline (10/19) Paddy Power (9/27)
Russell Westbrook +200 +220
James Harden +250 +230
Kevin Durant +550 +550
Stephen Curry +600 +600
DeMarcus Cousins +900 +650
LeBron James +1200 +1400
Damian Lillard +1400 +1200
Anthony Davis +1600 +2200
Blake Griffin +2500 +1000
Paul George +3300 +2200
DeMar DeRozan +3300 +4000
Andrew Wiggins +4000 +5000
Kyrie Irving +4000 +3300
Carmelo Anthony +5000 +6000
Field +1600 N/A
Dwyane Wade N/A +9000
Kemba Walker N/A +7500
Kawhi Leonard N/A +5000
C.J. McCollum N/A +9000
LaMarcus Alridge N/A +10000
John Wall N/A +10000
Klay Thompson N/A +10000
Isaiah Thomas N/A +6000
Jimmy Butler N/A +10000
Brook Lopez N/A +10000
Karl-Anthony Towns N/A +10000
Kyle Lowry N/A +10000
Reggie Jackson N/A +22500
Nikola Vucevic N/A +22500
Dirk Nowitzki N/A +22500
Chris Paul N/A +22500
Ben Simmons N/A +22500
Brandon Ingram N/A +22500
Khris Middleton N/A +50000
Gordon Hayward N/A +10000

Last year’s leader in points per game (PPG), Stephen Curry, has the fourth-shortest odds (+600) to accomplish that feat again. Oddsmakers believe that Russell Westbrook (+220) has the best chance to lead the NBA in PPG. In 2015-16, he finished 8th in the NBA in PPG, but that was with superstar Kevin Durant and forward Serge Ibaka on the team. Even with Durant and Ibaka, Westbrook was a trigger-happy shooter. Now the lone transcendent talent on Oklahoma City’s roster, Westbrook is poised to erupt on offense.

Don’t sleep on Houston Rockets guard James Harden (+230). Houston hired Mike D’Antoni—known for his “7 seconds or less” system—as head coach and he will instill a fast-paced offense onto a Rockets team that played at the 7th quickest pace last season. In D’Antoni’s scheme, Harden will see more touches and scoring opportunities.


Player BetOnline (10/19) Paddy Power (9/27)
Andre Drummond +150 -137
DeAndre Jordan +225 +250
Hassan Whiteside +700 +550
DeMarcus Cousins +1000 +1300
Rudy Gobert +1000 +1300
Dwight Howard +1200 N/A
Karl-Anthony Towns +1400 +2000
Anthony Davis +2500 +3300
Tristan Thompson +3300 +9000
Field +1600 N/A
LaMarcus Aldridge N/A +9000
Steven Adams N/A +5500
Nikola Vucevic N/A +6000
Kevin Love N/A +6000
Joakim Noah N/A +9000
Julius Randle N/A +3300
Pau Gasol N/A +9000
Zach Randolph N/A +9000
Draymond Green N/A +5500
Tyson Chandler N/A +9000
Bismack Biyombo N/A +9000
Derrick Favors N/A +9000
Jonas Valanciunas N/A +3300
Brook Lopez N/A +9000
Thaddeus Young N/A +10000
Blake Griffin N/A +10000
Marcin Gortat N/A +10000
Nerlens Noel N/A +15000
Zaza Pachulia N/A +15000
Greg Monroe N/A +15000
Paul Millsap N/A +15000
Brandon Ingram N/A +22500
Ben Simmons N/A +22500
Jared Sullinger N/A +22500
Kevin Durant N/A +22500
Enes Kanter N/A +3300
Kenneth Faried N/A +9000

Oddsmakers believe that Andre Drummond will lead the NBA in rebounds per game (RPG) for the second straight season. Detroit’s center grabbed 14.8 RPG last season and at only 23 years old has established himself as one of the best young rebounders in the league.

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside at +550 is worth the risk. Whiteside finished third in the league in RPG (11.8) and could see that number rise due to the losses of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Whiteside’s role will likely increase thanks to the absence of those veterans, giving him the opportunity to gather more boards while Miami’s young gunners, Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson, are free to hoist up shots.


Player BetOnline (10/19) Paddy Power (9/27)
Rajon Rondo +250 +170
Chris Paul +300 +260
John Wall +300 +300
Russell Westbrook +300 +210
Field +1200 N/A
Ricky Rubio +1600 +2200
James Harden +2000 +2500
Elfrid Payton N/A +3300
Draymond Green N/A +3300
Stephen Curry N/A +5000
Kyle Lowry N/A +5000
Damian Lillard N/A +5000
LeBron James N/A +6600
Matthew Dellavedova N/A +6600
Mike Conley N/A +6600
Isaiah Thomas N/A +6600
Reggie Jackson N/A +6600
Derrick Rose N/A +9000
Emmanuel Mudiay N/A +3300
Jeff Teague N/A +9000
Deron Williams N/A +9000
Jrue Holiday N/A +9000
Goran Dragic N/A +17500
Tony Parker N/A +17500
Kemba Walker N/A +17500
Jimmy Butler N/A +22500
Dwyane Wade N/A +22500
Monta Ellis N/A +22500
Ish Smith N/A +22500
Kevin Durant N/A +22500
Nicolas Batum N/A +22500
Ben Simmons N/A +9000

In the most competitive race, Chicago Bulls’ new starting point guard Rondo opens as the favorite to lead the NBA in assists per game (APG) again. Last season Rondo averaged 11.8 assists in his lone season with the Sacramento Kings and joins a Bulls team with two skilled scorers: Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade. Rondo has some serious competition in Westbrook, Chris Paul, and John Wall, but bettors may want to take a flier on Harden at +2500.

D’Antoni announced that Harden will switch positions and become the team’s full-time point guard this season, which will increase his already high usage. He’ll handle more of the ball handling duties and now has two new weapons in Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson. In my opinion, Harden is an underappreciated playmaker and D’Antoni’s system will only expose his true playmaking potential.

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