2015 NFL Preview: Tim Tebow Prop Bets

On Monday afternoon, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles continued their bizarre offseason by signing perhaps the most divisive football player of the century — Tim Tebow. The former Heisman winning quarterback has gone 8-7 ATS in 15 career starts, but has not played in an NFL game since his 2012 campaign with the New York Jets.

Although it’s unknown how the Eagles will utilize Tebow, oddsmakers love to capitalize on the hype surrounding the 27-year old quarterback by offering a litany of prop betting opportunities.

It’s worth noting that many of these prop bets only offer one side, which typically indicates that sportsbooks are looking for action and/or offering a bad price. We would typically suggest avoiding these types of bets unless there are any overriding factors.

Bettors should also be aware that Tebow’s contract is not guaranteed for a single dollar, so there may be “no action” on a number of these props.

Props from Bovada

– Will Tim Tebow make the Eagles 53-man roster for Game 1 of the regular season?

Yes +200 | No -300

– If Tim Tebow makes the Eagles 53-man roster for Game 1 of the regular season, will he start a game at quarterback?

Yes +300 | No -500

– If Tim Tebow makes the Eagles 53-man roster for Game 1 of the regular season, what will happen 1st?

  1. Gets cut, traded, released or retires +100
  2. Records Rushing Touchdown +200
  3. Records Passing Touchdown +200
  4. Records Receiving Touchdown +2,000

Props from Sportsbook.com

– Tim Tebow’s Eagles jersey is listed at -400 to finish among the Top 10 in player merchandise sales between 6/1 and 8/31.

– Tim Tebow is listed at +200 to be cut from the Eagles prior to the team’s first preseason game (August 13th).

– Tim Tebow is listed at +280 to make the Eagles 53-man roster. (Note: Better price than Bovada)

– Tim Tebow is listed at +500 to record a passing touchdown.

– Tim Tebow is listed at +500 to record a rushing touchdown.

– Tim Tebow is listed at +2,500 to be traded from the Eagles.

– What position will Tim Tebow play in his first action of the 2015 season?

  1. Quarterback -600
  2. Wide Receiver/Tight End +400
  3. Running Back +500
  4. Special Teams +500
  5. Defense +2,500

For what it’s worth, we also went searched through our twitter feed and found three different prop bets from the 2013 season:

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