2015 NFL Playoffs: Early Divisional Round Lines

The Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs are here and the popular offshore sportsbook 5Dimes is already looking ahead to next weekend. This past week the sharp sportsbook posted lines for potential Divisional Round playoff games as well as an early line for the Super Bowl and various futures.

The look ahead lines are posted below, but bettors can view the latest odds, public betting trends and much more on our free NFL odds page.

New England Patriots

-7.5 vs. Indianapolis Colts

-9.5 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

-6.5 vs. Baltimore Ravens

-7.5 vs. Wild Card Winner

Denver Broncos

-7 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

-7 vs. Indianapolis Colts

-7.5 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

-7 vs. Wild Card Winner

Seattle Seahawks

-11 vs. Carolina Panthers

-12 vs. Arizona Cardinals

-10 vs. Detroit Lions

-11 vs. Wild Card WInner

Green Bay Packers

-5.5 vs. Dallas Cowboys

-7 vs. Carolina Panthers

-9 vs. Arizona Cardinals

-6.5 vs. Wild Card Winner

Potential AFC Championship

Patriots -4 vs. Broncos

Potential NFC Championship

Seahawks -6.5 vs. Packers

Early Super Bowl Line

NFC -1.5 vs. AFC | O/U 50.5

Odds to win AFC

  1. Patriots -138
  2. Broncos +278
  3. Steelers +1020
  4. Colts +1825
  5. Ravens +2250
  6. Bengals +2250

Odds to win NFC

  1. Seahawks -133
  2. Packers +278
  3. Cowboys +680
  4. Panthers +2030
  5. Lions +2950
  6. Cardinals +3350

Most likely Super Bowl XLIX matchups

  1. New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks +202
  2. New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers +556
  3. Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks +566
  4. New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys +1285
  5. Denver Broncos vs Green Bay Packers +1345
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks +1960
  7. Denver Broncos vs Dallas Cowboys +2950
  8. Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks +3400
  9. New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers +3700
  10. Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks +4150

Super Bowl Odds

Denver/New England/Seattle/Green Bay -550

Field +425

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