2015 College Football: Games of the Year at the Golden Nugget

2015 College Football: Games of the Year at the Golden Nugget

Last week we published an article detailing a number of Game of the Year lines from 5Dimes — a prominent offshore sportsbook. These odds offering some insight into some of the best games on the calendar, however, the limits were only $250 and they were charging -120 juice on each side.

On Friday afternoon, Golden Nugget became the first Las Vegas based sportsbook to post lines for these Games of the Year. Although the season doesn’t kick off for several months, Golden Nugget is accepting limits 4 times higher than offshore with a $1000 max bet on each game.

The list below features the current Golden Nugget lines. Thanks to David Payne Purdum for first posting these odds.

*Indicates game is played at neutral site

September 3
Michigan at Utah (-4)
TCU (-18) at Minnesota

September 4
Washington at Boise State (-13)

September 5
*Wisconsin vs. Alabama (-10)
*Louisville vs. Auburn (-11.5)
*Arizona State vs. Texas A&M (-3)
Texas at Notre Dame (-7.5)
Virginia at UCLA (-17)
BYU at Nebraska (-6)

September 7
Ohio State (-16) at Virginia Tech

September 12
LSU (-3) at Mississippi State
UCLA (-32) at UNLV
Oklahoma at Tennessee (-3)
Notre Dame (-9) at Virginia
Oregon State at Michigan (-14)
Iowa (-4.5) at Iowa State
Marshall (-3.5) at Ohio
Boise State (-6) at BYU
Oregon at Michigan State (-1)

September 17
Clemson (-3) at Louisville

September 19
Auburn at LSU (-4)
UNLV at Michigan (-33)
Ole Miss at Alabama (-9.5)
South Carolina at Georgia (-11)
Georgia Tech at Notre Dame (-2)
Nebraska at Miami FL (PK)
Stanford at USC (-4)
BYU at UCLA (-14)
*Colorado (-1.5) vs. Colorado State

September 24
Cincinnati at Memphis (-2)

September 25
Boise State (-9) at Virginia

September 26
LSU (-20) at Syracuse
UCLA at Arizona (PK)
USC (-1) at Arizona
Utah at Oregon (-14)
Oklahoma State at Texas (-2.5)
BYU at Michigan (-7)
*Texas A&M vs. Arkansas (-6.5)
Mississippi State at Auburn (-8)
Tennessee (-2.5) at Florida

October 1
Miami FL at Cincinnati (-2.5)

October 3
UNLV at Nevada (-14)
Ole Miss (-6) at Florida
Alabama at Georgia (PK)
South Carolina at Missouri (-11)
Arkansas at Tennessee (-1)
Mississippi State at Texas A&M (-6.5)
Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech (-9)
Arizona at Stanford (-7.5)
Arizona State at UCLA (-6)
Oregon (-16) at Colorado
Army at Penn State (-28)
West Virginia at Oklahoma (-10)
Kansas State at Oklahoma State (-4)
Texas at TCU (-21)
Notre Dame at Clemson (-3.5)

October 8
Washington at USC (-19)

October 10
LSU (-8) at South Carolina
Georgia Tech at Clemson (-3)
Arkansas at Alabama (-7.5)
Florida at Missouri (-10)
Georgia at Tennessee (PK)
Miami FL at Florida State (-14.5)
Virginia at Pittsburgh (-6)
Boise State (-12) at Colorado State
TCU (-11) at Kansas State
*Oklahoma (-6.5) vs. Texas
Oklahoma State at West Virginia (-5)
Wisconsin (-1) at Nebraska
Navy at Notre Dame (-14)

October 15
UCLA at Stanford (-4.5)
Auburn (-9) at Kentucky

October 16
UNLV at Fresno State (-12)
Boise State (-9.5) at Utah State

October 17
Florida at LSU (-14)
Arizona State at Utah (-2)
USC at Notre Dame (PK)
Oregon (-15) at Washington
Louisville at Florida State (-12)
Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech (-14)
Virginia Tech at Miami FL (-6)
Missouri at Georgia (-8.5)
Alabama (-7) at Texas A&M
West Virginia at Baylor (-17)
TCU (-29) at Iowa State
Oklahoma (-3) at Kansas State
Michigan State (-4.5) at Michigan
Penn State at Ohio State (-19)

October 24
Utah at USC (-7)
Kansas State at Texas (-2)
Tennessee at Alabama (-10)
Auburn at Arkansas (-6.5)
Texas A&M at Ole Miss (-4)
Clemson (-4.5) at Miami FL
Florida State at Georgia Tech (PK)

October 29
Oregon (-5) at Arizona State
West Virginia at TCU -(20)

October 31
Boise State (-28.5) at UNLV
Central Florida at Cincinnati (-6)
Georgia Tech (-10) at Virginia
Ole Miss at Auburn (-4)
*Florida vs. Georgia (-12)
South Carolina at Texas A&M (-10)
Oregon State at Utah (-16)

November 3
Northern Illinois at Toledo (-3)

November 5
Mississippi State at Missouri (-6)
Baylor (-12) at Kansas State

November 7
LSU at Alabama (-9)
Arkansas at Ole Miss (-1)
Auburn (-1.5) at Texas A&M
TCU (-11) at Oklahoma State
Michigan State (-6) at Nebraska
Florida State at Clemson (-2)
Virginia at Miami FL (-6.5)
Notre Dame (-3) at Pittsburgh
Arizona at USC (-7.5)

November 12
Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech (-9.5)

November 13
USC (-12) at Colorado

November 14
Arkansas at LSU (-1.5)
Utah at Arizona (-3)
Oregon at Stanford (PK)
Alabama (-9) at Mississippi State
Florida at South Carolina (-2.5)
Oklahoma at Baylor (-13)
BYU at Missouri (-12)

November 21
San Diego State (-16) at UNLV
LSU at Ole Miss (PK)
Fresno State at BYU (-18)
TCU (-5) at Oklahoma
Baylor (-10) at Oklahoma State
Michigan State at Ohio State (-14)
Michigan at Penn State (-4.5)
Mississippi State at Arkansas (-10)
Tennessee at Missouri (-2.5)
Georgia Tech (-6) at Miami FL
Arizona at Arizona State (-3)
UCLA (-1) at Utah
California at Stanford (-13)

November 27
Baylor at TCU (-6)
Oregon State at Oregon (-22.5)
Washington State at Washington (-4.5)
Iowa at Nebraska (-7)
Texas A&M at LSU (-7.5)
Kansas State (-24) at Kansas
Oklahoma (-3) at Oklahoma State
BYU at Utah State (PK)
Ohio State (-16) at Michigan
Penn State at Michigan State (-12)
UCLA at USC (-3)
Colorado at Utah (-13.5)
Notre Dame at Stanford (-3)
North Carolina at NC State (-6)
Virginia Tech (-4) at Virginia
Missouri at Arkansas (-7)
Alabama (-3.5) at Auburn
Florida State (-4) at Florida
Georgia (-1) at Georgia Tech
Louisville (-2.5) at Kentucky
Ole Miss (-2) at Mississippi
Clemson (-3) at South Carolina
Vanderbilt at Tennessee (-17)

December 5
Texas at Baylor (-18)
West Virginia at Kansas State (-5)

December 12
*Navy -(13) vs. Army

After these lines were released, we examined some of the largest discepencies between the 5Dimes and Golden Nugget lines. The list below displays the line at 5Dimes, Golden Nugget and the overall point differential:

  1. Colorado State vs. Colorado (-9, -1.5) | 7.5 points
  2. Texas at Notre Dame (-13.5, -7.5) | 6 points
  3. Navy (-9.5, -13) vs. Army | 4.5 points
  4. South Carolina at Georgia (-15, -11) | 4 points
  5. Notre Dame (-5.5, -9) at Virginia | 3.5 points
  6. Oregon State at Michigan (-10.5, -14) | 3,5 points
  7. Alabama (-13, -10) vs. Wisconsin | 3 points
  8. Arizona at Stanford (-10.5, -7.5) | 3 points

After this piece was published, ESPN’s David Payne Purdum tweeted some of the biggest line moves based on early action:

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