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The 2014 MLB regular season has concluded and, before we move on to the postseason, we wanted to quickly turn out attention to the preseason win total bets. For bettors who took the over on the Texas Rangers or Boston Red Sox, this past season was likely more depressing than a Darren Aronofsky or Gaspar Noe film. Both teams entered the season with sky-high expectations, but their seasons were effectively over at the All-Star break.

On the flip side teams like the Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Angels and (believe it or not) Houston Astros had already exceeded their preseason win total at 5Dimes with several weeks left in the season.

The table below compares the preseason win totals from 5Dimes with the final record for each team. Using this information, we have detailed whether each team hit the over or under along with the discrepancy between the preseason win totals and the final win tally.

Team 5Dimes Over/Under Final Record Difference Over/Under
Dodgers 94 94-68 0 Push
Cardinals 91.5 90-72 -1.5 Under
Tigers 90 90-72 0 Push
Nationals 89.5 96-66 6.5 Over
Athletics 88.5 88-74 -0.5 Under
Red Sox 88 71-91 -17 Under
Rays 88 77-85 -11 Under
Braves 87.5 79-89 -8.5 Under
Angels 87 98-64 11 Over
Rangers 87 67-95 -20 Under
Yankees 87 84-78 -3 Under
Giants 86.5 88-74 1.5 Over
Pirates 84.5 88-74 3.5 Over
Reds 84.5 76-86 -8.5 Under
Royals 82.5 89-73 6.5 Over
Orioles 81.5 96-66 14.5 Over
Mariners 81 87-75 6 Over
Blue Jays 80.5 83-79 2.5 Over
Diamondbacks 80.5 64-98 -16.5 Under
Indians 80.5 85-77 4.5 Over
Brewers 80 82-80 2 Over
Padres 79 77-85 -2 Under
Phillies 76.5 73-89 -3.5 Under
White Sox 76.5 73-89 -3.5 Under
Rockies 76.5 66-96 -10.5 Under
Mets 74 79-83 5 Over
Twins 70.5 70-92 -0.5 Under
Marlins 69.5 77-85 7.5 Over
Cubs 69.5 73-89 4 Over
Astros 62.5 70-92 7.5 Over

Perhaps it’s not a surprise that 14 teams went under their win total, 14 teams went over their win total, and two teams pushed. The teams who went under their win total include: Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago WS, Cincinnati, Colorado, Minnesota, NY Yankees, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Diego, St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Texas.

The twelve teams who went over their win total include: Baltimore, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland, Houston, Kansas City, LA Angels, Miami, Milwaukee, NY Mets, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and Washington. The Tigers (90-72) and Dodgers (94-68) were the two teams to push.

You may be interested to know that before the season our strongest win total picks were the Angels (Over 87), Astros (Over 62.5), Braves (Under 87.5), Pirates (Under 84.5), Royals (Under 82.5), Tigers (Under 90), Rangers (Under 87) and Yankees (Under 87).

Those picks finished the season 5-2-1 with the Angels Over, Astros Over, Braves Under, Rangers Under and Yankees Under all cashing. Our two losses were the Royals Under and Pirates Under, with the Tigers as our lone push.

Did you place any win total bets before the season? If so, did they pay off? Which teams were the biggest disappointments and which were pleasant surprises? Please leave any thoughts or comments in the section below.

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