2011 NCAA Football Championship – Sports Investing Info

2011 NCAA Football Championship – Sports Investing Info

The 2011 BCS College Football Championship game has arrived.  Tonight’s NCAA Football championship features two undefeated teams — # 1 Auburn versus # 2 Oregon — both with explosive hurry-up offenses and solid defenses.  We have summarized some key sports investing information on the game, below.

  • SportsInsights’ College Football Square Plays have had a banner year, posting a winning percentage of about 65%.  SportsInsights’ analysts are contacting risk managers and expect a Square Play to be posted for the NCAA Football Championship.
  • SportsInsights Members who use SportsInsights’ Square Plays have won about 50 units in the major US sports, including MLB, the past year.   Members considering various Membership levels should consider Premium levels because for many, the Membership will pay for itself!
  • Betting action has been heavy, as expected, on the NCAA Football finale.  Betting has leaned towards Auburn, with about 60% of the bets taking the slight favorite.
  • We have seen reverse line movement, with the line moving from Oregon +3 down to Oregon +1.5 or +2 — even with the majority of bets on Auburn.  This is an indicator that some “big money” could be taking the slight underdog.
  • Separately, we have featured analysis from this book, “Who Will Win the Big Game?“.  Note that published “quant facts” on the book’s blog have gone 17-9 — and their analysis happens to match up with reverse line movement.  Here is the link to their article: http://whowillwinthebiggame.blogspot.com/2011/01/who-will-win-college-football.html .
  • Some of the media has mentioned that Auburn has six victories against top 25 competition while Oregon has just one win.  This can be an indication of strength of schedule, or it can mean additional value on Oregon — depending on your viewpoint.

Enjoy the game this evening!

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